SŽDC Will Use a Unique Method to Select a Supplier of a Study for a New Line in Moravia


Up to the end of the week, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) will call a public tender “Feasibility study for the high-speed line (Brno) – Přerov – Ostrava”. Besides building the railway line as such, its object is a draft of possible railway infrastructure modifications in the section RS1 Brno – Přerov – Ostrava.

SŽDC as the ordering entity requires that the study serves especially as a basis for preparing a pilot project of a high-speed line (HSL) in the section Přerov (Prosenice) – Ostrava (Ostrava-Svinov). It also requires a verification of the necessity, usefulness and mode of further HSL territorial protection in the section Brno – Přerov (Prosenice). The study will suggest and assess a technical solution in the direction of a possible HSL new construction at minimum as proposed in previous documents in the section Brno – Ostrava, including a connection to the junctions concerned.

The study supplier must respect the procedure of SŽDC which has already submitted a request for a corridor delimitation for the HSL and at the same time a HSL delimitation including related constructions as publicly beneficial constructions in the Principles of territorial development in Olomouc Region and Moravia-Silesia Region for placing transport infrastructure on the site of the existing territorial reserve for HSL to implement the pilot project.

”In delimitating assessment criteria for this public tender, SŽDC considered carefully its current experience from public tenders’ calls and implementation for design works or similar ones, especially the negative influence of offers’ assessment in these public tenders while emphasizing the lowest bid prices. That is why we were inspired by the approach of other EU member states while delimitating assessment criteria for this public tender“, says Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC and adds: ”More specifically we were inspired by the Best Value Approach/Best Value Procurement method (BVA/BVP), which was created by the State University of Arizona. At present it is being successfully applied especially in the Netherlands for large infrastructure projects as well as in Scandinavia“.

This method has as objective to assure a widest application of the suppliers’ creative innovation and to provide ordering entities with possibilities of distinguishing the suppliers’ experience and quality. Based on experience from the Netherlands, the BVA/BVP method led to an entrance of new, formerly uncompetitive suppliers based only on the bid price, onto the public tenders’ market. Projects could be sped up and thanks to a selection of suppliers of good quality, imperfections in outputs decreased considerably. Finally, the amount of additional work decreased as well.

Given this positive experience and the fact that the unequivocal compatibility of this method with the EU legal regulation of public tendering was confirmed by its long-term implementation in the Netherlands and other EU member countries, SŽDC decided to delimitate assessment criteria for this public tender according to BVA/BVP in cooperation with foreign experts..

Specific requirements for professional staff of the applicant were influenced by a preliminary market consultation which took place on 20 July 2018 and reflect the uniqueness of the chosen method for assessing bids.

SŽDC believes that this method will allow suppliers to present the professionality and quality of future fulfilment already within their applications. That is why we expect that the selected procedure will result in more effective preparation of higher quality and a following implementation of a modern railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic.


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