Reconstruction of the platform in Šťáhlavy on the line České Budějovice - Plzeň may be revolutionary



Plzeň/Šťáhlavy, 4th May 2012 – the upcoming reconstruction of the platform in train stop Šťáhlavy (Plzeň-south) on the line České Budějovice – Plzeň may bring about a radical change of procedures applied within legislative duties to reduce over-limit noisiness of the surrounding built-up area in connection with the railway traffic. This is currently made possible only when using noise barriers or earth embankments. This construction, the investor of which is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC), is going to test for the very first time the new type of the platform edge equipped with noise absorbing matrices of recycled rubber on the front (track-adjoining vertical) surface. The new type of the platform edge H 130 disposes of a distinct antiskid design of the contact surface. The platform edge is still 550 mm over the top of rail to allow an easier access and exit for passengers. The contractor of the construction is Skanska a.s.

SŽDC together with the Railway Research Institute (VUZ, a.s.) carried out check acoustic measurements before the launch of the reconstruction. After that there will be another measurement followed by acoustic evaluation of noise absorption by means of platform edges H 130. The output values of noise absorption will be later used when projecting the future construction of platforms, especially train stops without noise barriers as well as for applications of the upcoming low noise prevention wall completing the current noise protection measures on railway.

The major part of construction work (the construction of the new platform including a shelter and the reconstruction of the railway substructure and superstructure) will be carried out during the traffic closure from 15th to 31th May. During that time, the original platform will be removed, the current superstructure dismantled including the excavation of the ballast and the substructure to the level of sub-grade surface. The current culvert will be reconstructed (new insulation, pointing, repair of wing walls) and the current fibre-optic cable will be relocated. Subsequently, a new platform with a noise absorbing layer will be built, sub-ballast layers brought in, new drainage set up, access roads to the platform and a new pedestrian crossing on Panská cesta and eventually the lighting of the new platform. The railway service will be restored on 31st May evening.

Until 22nd June, passengers can use provisional filled-up platform; the new one including the shelter and the lighting will have been in full operation by 28th June at the latest, i.e. before the start of summer holiday. In July and August 2012, other structures will be completed (e.g. the culvert under the line) and all the other required work, which shall not affect the railway traffic, will have been finished by the end of September.

The new test system of noise absorption:
Noise absorbing elements on platform edges will result in lower noise level in the proximity of its source (the wheel running on rail), thus allowing to reduce the scope of projected conventional noise barriers which are set up behind the platform, i.e. rather far from the rail where the noise is induced. The reduction of the noise level will always depend on local conditions, however, during optimal dimensioning of noise absorbing elements, comparable noise absorption can be expected on the facade of the respective residential buildings, at that at markedly lower cost, too.

The new type of the platform edge in connection with the restriction on the installation of conventional noise barriers also contributes to maintaining good visibility conditions and higher safety on less segregated train stops areas (both during ordinary railway traffic and accidents), including fewer cases of vandalism.

If this solution proves efficient, it will become one of the standard features of noise protection and could also contribute to further reduction of investments costs of the modernization of railway lines in the Czech Republic.

The installation of the noise absorbing layers, as well as the new version of the universal platform edge with antiskid modification – trademark „ŽPSV – H130“ are the results of company´s own development task which is covered by ŽPSV, a.s. own funds. The installation in Štáhlavy will have no financial impact on the budget of the construction and SŽDC´s costs will not be increased. The installation will be carried out by the contractor, SKANSKA, a. s. This construction has been included in the so-called „test section“ in accordance with approving products for the lines under SŽDC´s administration and it will also be evaluated this way.  This platform edge is the subject of ŽPSV, a.s. industrial property when the Industrial Property Office in Prague entered the technical solution in the register of utility models. The platform edge „ŽPSV – H 130“ is the „basic building block“ of the newly created system of ŽPSV platforms.

In terms of the cost of applying a noise absorbing layer of recycled rubber on the platform edge it is anticipated that its acquisition cost may represent one tenth of the price of the current one-side PH wall.

The noise absorbing layer of the platform edge ŽPSV – H130 stands for an ecological elimination of at least 4 discarded car tyres per one common metre of the platform edge. Instead of removing worn-out tyres permanently to approved or forbidden waste dumps, the original material - now the rubber recycled material will prove its significance in terms of reducing the noise and vibrations, this time, however, for practical use on railway.

As a result of the ongoing modernization of the rolling stock of carriers, as the new cars equipped with  a disc brake no longer cause unpleasant scrieching while braking (unlike the older cars equipped with cast-iron tread brake), the noise level at train stops will be further reduced, which will surely please all passengers.


Selected data
Name of the construction "Reconstruction of the platform and track drainage on km
333,550 – 336,320 on the line České Budějovice - Plzeň"
Contractor Skanska a.s.
Duration of absolute track possession (NAD) 16 days (15. – 31. 5. 2012)
Length of platform 300 m
Type of platform edge H 130 (ŽPSV)
Track reconstruction 306 m
Total investment cost CZK 11,8 MM


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