A gift for passengers: Arrivals and departures of trains online on SŽDC´s website


Prague, 13. 4. 2012 – Immediate and  correct information provided for the passengers related to train connections has been the main incentive to implement and to launch a new website-application presenting real-time arrivals and departures of trains in railway stations directly on SZDC´s website.  The online display of the station information boards (SIB) started at 3 pm and is now available from the home page of www.szdc.cz or you can use the link: http://provoz.szdc.cz/Tabule/default.aspx

The implementation of this project was initiated by numerous requests of passengers for providing information about arrivals and departures of trains from all carriers operating on SŽDC´s network in the Czech Republic, i.e. independently and correctly. For inspiration we used the online system of arrivals and departures of planes at Praha Ruzyně Airport.  

The preparation of data of the interlinked applications commenced in January this year. The data in the launched application show uniform graphics unlike the information display at different stations because of the variety of providers of the information systems in relevant stations. Each supplier of data uses a different type of display units, a different graphic display and a scope of provided information. The main reason for the harmonization of the website applications was to facilitate the orientation for passengers.

We prepareanother extension of the system, e.g. train set-up, its current position, names of carriers and some other additional information. In future, we also expect the system to be connected e.g. to IDOS application orto be implemented in mobile software applications.


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