Strakonice railway station will get a new underpass and central platforms


Strakonice, 18 September 2014 – A rail tapping in the Chapter Hall of Strakonice Castle festively launched the reconstruction of Strakonice railway station. Both inhabitants and visitors of the city will soon enjoy much safer and more comfortable travelling by train. The construction will include not only railway tracks and switches reconstruction but also building an underpass that will connect new central platforms. All works will be carried out by the supplying company Chládek & Tintěra.




”In the context of the České Budějovice – Plzeň line, the Strakonice railway station plays a very important role as it is connected to regional lines from Volary and Březnice. However, its current state is quite unsatisfactory now; there are only level platforms and passages as well as quite obsolete signalling equipment. Reconstruction will increase the station’s capacity, safety and comfort for passengers who are looking forward especially to a new underpass being built “ said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The underpass under tracks will enable access to two roofed central platforms, moreover barrier-free, as installing lifts is a part of the construction adaptations as well. Thanks to a financial contribution from the city, this underpass will lead up to the cemetery at the other side of the railway station. Passengers will have a better orientation in this highly frequented transport junction thanks to a new information system; safety will also be increased thanks to installed cameras.   

The project will also significantly improve operational parameters of Strakonice railway station. Both railway superstructure and substructure will be reconstructed in the main trackage as well as switches and bridges. The new track lead design will enable simultaneous entering of trains from all directions, i.e. from Plzeň, Volary and Březnice. Modern safety equipment will also be installed in the station and a new traffic control building will be built.  

The construction’s investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation; financial resources were provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. At the same time, a request for co-financing the project by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport has been submitted with a planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund amounting up to 85% from sustainable costs of the construction.


Construction Designation

Reconstruction of station tracks and switches in Strakonice railway station

Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
General Designer H-PRO spol. s r.o.
Supplier Chládek & Tintěra, a.s.
Start and end of construction km 269.668 – km 274.741
Start and end of track adaptations km 271.332 – km 273.319
Term of launch 04/2014
Term of completion 08/2015
Construction costs (VAT excluded) 456.288,070 CZK (tendered price of the Supplier)


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