Festive launch of the „Reconstruction of the Střelenský Tunnel, incl. track No. 1 and 2 on km 22,480–23,610 and track No.1 on km 21,110–27,261 on the line Horní Lideč – state border Slovakia“


Střelná, 14 December 2011 – The launched construction focuses on the required reconstruction of the Střelenský Tunnel from 1936 as well as on the restoration of track No. 1 on the line Púchov (SR) – Hranice na Moravě (in the section from the state border with Slovakia to km 27,271) and on the repair of train stop Střelná. Several bridges, culverts and retaining walls will be reconstructed. The objective of the construction also includes the new contact line system and the upgrade of the telecommunication and signalling installation, heavy-current technology and the line remote control. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.



Tunnel and tracks
With regard to insufficient thickness of the ballast bed, a special roadway of the prefabricated type with the length of 415,760 m will be built in every track in the tunnel. Within the scope of the tunnel tube reconstruction, weathered or damaged parts of the lining will be cleaned, water will drained away from leaky dilatation joints through mole drains into cut channels and brickwork pointing will be carried out in leaky stretches with the most inflow. Next, sealing grouting of the leaky brickwork sections including the arch will be carried out as well as some other important reconstruction work including the work on both portals. New fencing of portals and retaining walls will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the area near the overhead contact line. The tunnel lighting will be provided with fluorescent lamps with
a span of 12 metres.

Train stop Střelná
Side platforms with a 140 m long platform edge will be reconstructed near track No. 1 and 2. The platform will be 550 mm over the top of rail to provide the passengers with an easier entry and exit. The access to the platform will be barrier-free and grade-separated.

The construction also deals with new trendy wooden passenger shelters near every track. Both shelters will always be equipped with two „anti-vandal“ lamps, one anchored bench and two information boards. The train stop will be lit by 14 new lamps. The lamps will be installed on 6 m high knuckle spring masts. The lighting system of the lamps will also be connected to the passenger shelters. The current station announcement system will be reconstructed as well. The loudspeakers will be installed on new knuckle lighting masts.

Following a noise-measurement study, necessary individual noise-protection measures have been recommended for three houses in Horní Lideč (on km 26,970) and for two houses in Střelná na Moravě (on km 23,700). They will be implemented after the completion of the whole construction and related noise check measurements.

The investment cost totals CZK 316,605,068. The construction has been proposed to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The level of assistance represents 81.98 % of the eligible cost. The remaining part receives national funds from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Selected data  
Name of the construction „Reconstruction of the Střelenský Tunnel, incl. track No.1 and 2 on km 22,480 – 23,610 and track No.1 on km  21,110 –27,261 of the linei Horní Lideč – state border Slovakia“
Investor of the construction Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
Chief developer Moravia Consult Olomouc, a.s.
Contractor Subterra a.s., division 3
Launch September 2011
Completion May 2013
Length of the tunnel 298 m
Length of the construction 6,152 km
Line speed 90 km/h

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