The completed renovation of the Střelná tunnel has also brought benefits for passengers


Střelná, June 28, 2013 – The renovated Střelná tunnel, repaired tracks and new platforms in the Střelná station are a tangible outcome of the construction project taking place in the last 18 months on Railway Line 280, between Hranice na Moravě and Střelná, close to the Slovak border. During a ceremony held today, the project, which the European Union provided substantial funds for, was officially concluded by Správa železniční dopravní cesty (Rail Infrastructure Administration).



The project included not only the renovation of Track 1 from the Slovak border as far as the Horní Lideč station, but also an upgrade of the Střelná tunnel, including both of its tracks, and also new platforms in the Střelná station. The revitalization of the track superstructure and substructure has improved track performance characteristics; the line speed has been increased up to 90 km/hour and a long-welded track has been laid. The project also included repairs of bridges, culverts and retaining walls.

The project also involved the replacement of traction lines and modifications of interlocking and communication equipment. An interesting feature of the project is a hard railbed in the tunnel; it is a track superstructure without a ballast bed the main load-bearing elements of which is a reinforced concrete plate into which rail ties are embedded. This was only the second time the technology has been used in the Czech Republic.

Improved comfort for passengers embarking or disembarking in the Střelná station is a result of new platforms the edge of which is 550 mm above the rail running surface, in accordance with the applicable standard, and which provide barrier-free access. Both platforms are equipped with shelters made of thin-walled steel sections and treated against corrosion. The sides and back are filled with massive hardwood and the sides are partly glazed. Each shelter is fitted with two “trash-proof” lighting fixtures, a bench anchored in the floor and two information panels. The PA system and lighting of the station have also been renovated. The loudspeakers are now installed on new hinged lighting poles.

The tunnel renovation has done away with the bad condition of concrete structures of retaining walls and cross ribs; the tunnel tube and the drainage system have undergone an overhaul as well. The works included, for instance, the cleaning of weathered or damaged parts of the tunnel lining using pressure water and collecting water seeping through leaking expansion joints into cut grooves. In addition, cracks in the concrete have been sealed with grout, a protective layer of shotcrete has been applied on the tunnel walls and new drainage troughs made of prefabricated concrete elements have been fitted.

The tunnel is now lighted by outdoor-type “frost-resistant” cathode ray tubes. The lighting fixtures are installed at 2.7 m above the ground and protected by wire mesh covers. They are turned on and off by pushbutton control panels located at both ends of the tunnel.

The project was proposed for co-financing from the EU Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme “Transport” 2007–2013. The EU funded 82.08 % of eligible expenses. The balance was financed from national sources, through the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI).


Project name Renovation of the Střelná tunnel, including Tracks 1 and 2 between Kilometres 22.480 and 23.610 and Track 1 between Kilometres 21.110 – 27.261 of the Horní Lideč – Slovak state border section
Contracting authority Správa železniční dopravní cesty, state organization
Designed by Moravia Consult Olomouc, a.s.
Contractor Subterra a.s.
Project commencement date 9/2011
Project completion date 6/2013
Total investment costs CZK 669,025,000
Own investments (exclusive of VAT) CZK 305,671,774
(offered by the contractor in and resulting from the tender process)



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