Festive launch of the Reconstruction of the line Studénka – Mošnov aiming for capacity increase


Studénka, 11 December 2012 – the objective of the construction project is the reconstruction of the single-track line Studénka – Veřovice in the track section between railway stations Studénka and Sedlnice. The construction will create conditions for the implementation of the follow-up investment project of the Moravian-Silesian Region entitled „Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava, rail connection“. The new ca 3 km long railway line will connect Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava.



The rehabilitation of the track bed will be carried out on the existing line, together with drainage adjustments, dismantling of the existing superstructure and laying of a new one. The construction project also includes modifications of bridges and culverts and the existing signalling installation.The reconstructed section will be electrified with 3 kVDC traction system.The investor of the„Reconstruction of the line Studénka – Mošnov“ is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

As a result of the reconstruction of the existing line, the line speed will be increased to 100 km per hour, the load-carrying capacity of the track bed and artificial structures will be increased and the clearance will be improved. The increase in the carrying capacity of the reconstructed track section will be achieved by means of a new passing point.  New signalling, telecommunication and heavy-current equipment allowing remote control of the line is being installed. A new passenger transport stop will be constructed outside railway station Sedlnice, which will reduce the access distance from the village of Sedlnice by approximately one kilometre.

Another objective of the construction is (in addition to creating conditions for the future new line construction) to create conditions for the connection to industrial zones. The railway-industrial track in the industrial zone is expected to be connected to the national and regional network by means of the new railway construction project Sedlnice – Mošnov Airport. The existing industrial track of Mošnov Airport will be cancelled in the industrial zone and replaced with this new industrial track. By cancelling the existing railway spur of Mošnov Airport, the rail-owned territory can be used for the investors´ needs in the industrial zone and at the same time the current level crossing of railway/ industrial track of Mošnov Airport with Road II/464 (which is to be the feeder road to D47 highway) will be removed. Based on the MSK idea, the new industrial track in the industrial zone of Mošnov should be constructed as a multi-modal terminal for the combined transport.  It will focus on reloading of bulk containers by means of portal cranes; reloading of the semitrailers of road carriages will be allowed as well as RoLa loading and unloading.

The contractor of the construction project is Viamont DSP, a.s.; the general developer was SUDOP Praha a.s. The investment costs of the construction total CZK 327,327,196. The construction is funded by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and intended to be co-funded from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union as part of the Operational Programme Transport.


Selected data  
Name of the construction Reconstruction of the line Studénka - Mošnov increasing its capacity
Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
Contractor Viamont DSP, a.s.
Developer SUDOP Praha a.s.
Commencement 10/2012
Completion 10/2013
Length of the section 5,605 m
Achieved speed 100 km/h
Platform reconstruction 170 m
Rehabilitation of bridge structures 6
Electric switch heating 9
New overhead line masts 128
Total length of the new overhead contact line 7,400 m
Track cable 9,340 m


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