The Railway Infrastructure Administration attracts future employees by introducing its professions to young students.


The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) prepares a day-long event called “Student Cup SŽDC “ (RIA Student Cup) for the end of September, having as objective to increase interests of students in technical high-school fields of study and to introduce railway professions in an entertaining form. The railway administration thus tries to find future employees precisely for technical fields problematic for human resources. Therefore RIA Student Cup is focused on students of the 8th and 9th class of primary schools who are going to choose their future profession in the weeks to come.

The historically first railway sportive and training day is going to take place on 26 September 2013 in cooperation with the Prague 3 City District. For the whole day, both sportive and knowledge competitions will be taking place at the Pražačka sports and recreation campus.

The event is a breakthrough not only from the point of view of RIA itself but also in the field of Czech education and HR activity. ”It is currently not common for a such big and important state institution to present technical fields of study to students in such an extensive way and to actively offer cooperation to them,“ said Mr. Jiří Kolář, RIA Director General.

Students from fifty Prague schools will meet besides sportive events and tests of knowledge also high school representatives presenting their technical fields of study or personnel representatives of the railway manager introducing railway professions These will be accompanied by figurants in different work uniforms of a train dispatcher, signaller, operator or fireman.

”We want to show children a possible career we offer for technical fields graduates, to persuade them that they can find an interesting future even outside the currently much-preferred humanities’ fields of study,“ adds Mr. Kolář.

Ideal future colleagues will be also looked for by railway firemen who will prepare both practical demonstrations of their activities and physical and knowledge tests focused on their work for the event. Similar ability tests must be coped with by each one of them. Children have thus the opportunity to try out if they have a chance to succeed.

”If this project proves itself we are ready to adapt the event for the needs of specific regions and our organizational units,” said Mr. Jiří Kolář, RIA Director General about RIA plans for the future.


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