RIA Focusing on Pupils, Looking for Talented Personnel for Operations


The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) organized a one-day event under the name “RIA Student Cup” on June 25, 2014. Held for the second time, the annual event’s objective is to increase interest of pupils of elementary schools in technical subjects studied at secondary schools and also to present various railway-related professions in an entertaining way. The Railway Infrastructure Administration is thus trying to find future employees for technical professions for which people are difficult to recruit. The RIA Student Cup thus addresses pupils of 8th and 9th grades who are going to choose their future professions in the new few weeks.  

The RIA Student Cup is a breakthrough event, not just for RIA itself, but also in the context of the Czech education system and human resources strategies. “It is not quite common now for a state institution of our size and importance to present technical subjects and disciplines to pupils in such a broad manner, and thus actively offer them cooperation,” said Pavel Koucký, Head of the Human Resources Department.

In addition to knowledge tests and sports disciplines, pupils from dozens of elementary schools in Prague were awaited by representatives of secondary schools introducing their technical subjects or RIA’s HR officers with presentations of railway-related professions, accompanied by models dressed in uniforms of a train dispatcher, signalman, railway operator or firefighter.

“We want to show the children the opportunities our organization offers to graduates of technical disciplines. We want to show them that there may be an attractive future also in professions other than humanities, which are very much preferred now,” was how the objective was described by RIA’s General Manager Pavel Surý.

Railway firefighters will also look for their ideal future colleagues during the event. In addition to practical demonstrations of their work, they will also prepare physical and knowledge tests focusing on their job. Each of them must pass similar tests, and children can thus try whether they would succeed in them or not.

“The project worked well for us last year. There was a very pleasant feedback from schools and children. Our vision is therefore to customize the project for different administrative regions and our organizational units,” said RIA’s General Manager, outlining the organization’s future plans.


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