Feasibility Study Assesses Alternatives of New Connection Prague – Beroun


At the beginning of next year, results of the feasibility study for the new route Prague – Beroun ordered by Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC will be available). The document assesses individual alternatives for the new line between these two cities, especially from the economic effectiveness point of view. There are three alternatives altogether: alternative C with a long tunnel between the Prague quarter Smíchov and Beroun, alternative B with a shorter tunnel in the line section Praha-Radotín – Beroun and alternative F with tunnels up to 5 kilometres long in the line section Praha-Radotín – Řevnice. The new line is designed for mixed transport  with a maximum speed up to 200 kph.

The optimization of the current line along Berounka River which will be launched next year and take several more years cannot assure sufficient transport capacity that would satisfy all requirements of entities ordering passenger transport as well as freight transport carriers in the long term. The extent of transport will be restricted considerably especially due to the noise burden; moreover, classical trainsets will not be able to assure required journey times of 60 minutes between Prague and Plzeň. The situation is even more complicated by attitude of cities situated between Beroun and Hořovice where the public does not agree with the high-speed corridor currently led on the surface.

”The new line will reduce journey times between Prague and Plzeň considerably, current capacity will be freed for still increasing regional transport, the noise burden in most densely populated areas will decrease and a possible implementation of the F alternative will considerably reduce journey times for the route Prague – Příbram as well“, said Mr. Radek Čech, Director of the SŽDC Strategy Section. However, the project has also its disadvantages such as considerable investment costs, especially in case of alternatives B and C where only the tunnel between Prague and Beroun for alternative C would represent a financial sum exceeding CZK 50 billion. For alternatives B and F, all trains would remain on a part of the current line which would mean i.a. a higher burden noise

”The technical and transport solution is mostly finished; now we are preparing a part of transport prognosis and economical assessment. We assume that the study should be completed next January, the first economical assessment results of all alternatives should be available this October“, added Mr. Čech.


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