Travelling by Train from Prague to Munich Will Take Less than Four Hours. The Plan Was Signed by the Czech and Bavarian Ministers of Transport


The first Czech-Bavarian railway summit in Furth im Wald dealt with improving transport connection between Prague and Munich, especially increasing the trains’ speed and railway connections’ capacity. At the end of the summit, Mr. Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic signed with his Bavarian counterpart Mr. Joachim Herrmann a common declaration on improving the cross-border railway infrastructure with the objective to shorten down travelling time from Prague to Munich to less than four hours till 2030.

”We have agreed upon building together a railway line from Munich through Furth im Wald and  Česká Kubice to Prague to compete with road transport and to serve as a suitable alternative to air transport. In the first phase, we will decrease the journey time down to four hours and fifteen minutes. Our final objective is to reach a journey time of three hours and a half up to four hours“, says Minister Ťok.

Building railway connections was also supported by Mr. Alexander Dobrindt, German Federal Minister of Transport. In the federal plan of transport routes up to 2030, this railway line has been re-classified to a higher priority of the so-called pressing demands which will allow implementing this construction faster. Besides faster travelling to Munich, the Czech Minister Ťok and the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Construction and Transport Joachim Herrmann agreed in their common declaration upon decreasing journey times from Nurnberg to Prague with a change in Cheb approximately to four hours (the entire declaration can be found in annex to this press release).

As of this December, trains between Prague and Munich will run every two hours in advance of future long-distance transport. ”In two years after putting the newly built railway line Plzeň – Rokycany into operation, journey times from Munich to Prague will decrease by twenty minutes down to five and a half hours“, adds Minister Ťok.

The main transport priorities of the Czech Republic in direction to the Free State of Bavaria are the railway connections Munich – Nurnberg – Marktredwitz – Cheb – Plzeň – Prague and Munich – Regensburg – Furth im Wald – Domažlice – Prague. These lines are included in the Federal Plan of Transport Routes’ Development – the so-called Bundesverkehrswegeplan 2030 (BVWP 2030).

The common declaration on developing railway transport up to 2030 can be found here.


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