The Railway Infrastructure Administration as a partner of an important photography competition promoting the safety at level crossings


PRAGUE, 6th January 2012 - The foundation BESIP with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as well as in cooperation with the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, announces a photography competition promoting the traffic operations safety and the safety at level crossings.



The competition presents two categories:

1st category: Safety at level crossings
 Topic: „You stand no chance against the train“
Objective: Alerting to the risks resulting from a train collision and having an impact on car drivers as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other people unless they start to respect the traffic rules.
First prize: Bachelor´s program tuition at the Anglo-American University in Prague
in any study program for one person valued at CZK 360,000.
Second prize: A voucher for a complete 4-hour course in safe driving at the Safe Drive Centre Libros Ostrava for one person, including additional insurance and free car rent valued at CZK 5,800.

2nd category: Risky behaviour of young road traffic participants or the way I see it
Topic: „Life is cool, so why to cut it short“
Objective: Alerting to the risky behaviour of car drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists on roads and consequences of such behaviour.
First prize: A course for one person to obtain a driving licence (group B or A).
Second prize: A voucher for photographic supplies of one´s choice valued at CZK 6,000 and
full travel insurance valued at CZK 1,200 for 1 year free of charge.

A special prize for ten drawn competitors older than 17 years in the second category: A voucher for a complete 4-hour course in safe driving at the Safe Drive Centre, including the additional insurance, free car rent and an experiences-programme valued at CZK 5,800 per person.

The rules of the competition, the inspiration and further information are presented on the Foundation BESIP´s website

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