88 million Czech Crowns to be invested by SŽDC in the reconstruction of selected stations


Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) launched the first investment of a bigger volume in the station buildings in Eastern and Western Bohemia. The total charge to be paid by the railway infrastructure administrator for the execution of construction projects in Hradec Králové Main Station, Turnov and Sokolov will amount to a sum of 88 million Czech Crowns. This includes the first of the list of about 150 passenger buildings intended for reconstruction by SŽDC before 2022. The other station reconstructions of a big volume will follow in the foreseeable period in other regions as well.

The reconstruction of a highest cost of the mentioned three construction projects will be required for the building of a significant architectural value in Hradec Králové. The Turnov project follows the already completed first stage of reconstruction. Upon completion of the construction works, the Sokolov Station will be wheelchair accessible. Moreover, it will facilitate a new transfer terminal to be established there.

"At this stage, we selected buildings of already triggered construction works, or those in serious disrepair. For instance, in Turnov, we are launching the second stage of reconstruction this year to be focused mainly on the revitalization of space for passengers. For example, the roof of the Station in Hradec Králové is in a very poor condition with any further inactivity causing irreversible damage,” Mr. Jaroslav Špína, Director of SŽDC Passenger Stations Administration in Hradec Králové is quoted as saying.

The reconstruction of Turnov Station was started by the then owner České dráhy in 2015. The passenger check-in hall, cash desks and the public toilets were reconstructed by that time. The current project follows the previous reconstruction of the station forecourt and the construction of the integrated transfer terminal. During the construction works, the station arcade will be renewed and revitalized. In the future, passengers should find a branch of the Czech Post and the Antonín Mark's Municipal Library therein. A fast food facility will be made available for them as well. The workers will also start works on the reconstruction of the facade, they will replace the old windows and doors and they will insulate the roof thermally. A newly covered roof of the first platform will also provide an adequate comfort for those waiting for arrivals. The total price of construction works of the second stage came out of the public bid, and it amounts almost to 28 million Czech Crowns. The reconstruction is to be completed in August next year.      

The condition of the glass roof of the Passenger Building Hall in Hradec Králové has already reached a point with each rain causing leaks in many places to pose a direct threat to the lifetime of steel constructions. During the reconstruction of the glass-covered saddle roof coverage and the horizontal glass ceilings, both the outside and the inside glass casing will be replaced completely. The original supporting steel constructions will undergo an anti-corrosive treatment. During the reconstruction, the previous insensitive impact of the reconstruction works including the non-functional glass cleaning trays will be removed. The reconstruction project of the building, being one of the most advanced stations at the time of its construction in Central Europe, was promoted in co-operation with the preservationists. The works will be carried out during operation by streamlining the flow of passengers only in the hall as necessary. The winning price of this construction contract amounts to 35.5 million Czech Crowns, works should be completed in April next year.

The passenger building in Sokolov awaits a comprehensive reconstruction. "Due to urban planning and the historical importance of the railway station, we worked closely from the beginning with the leadership of the city. The intent of our construction project is directly connected to the city’s investments and it completes the construction of the integrated bus and train terminal," Mr. Patrik Konopásek, Director of SŽDC Passenger Stations Administration in Ústí nad Labem is quoted as saying, adding that "Another good news for the passengers is the fact that upon completion of this project, the entire station will be wheelchair accessible." During the reconstruction, the internal space arrangement will be changed. In particular, the main vestibule including the cash desks for the ticket sale will move closer to the bus terminal. A newspaper stand will also be open here and the public toilets will be newly constructed. The entire internal engineering networks, floors, plasters and the roof will be reconstructed as well. From the outside view of the building, a new facade will be made and the replacement of windows will be completed. The price for the entire work came out of the public bid amounting to 23.8 million Czech Crowns with the construction works being completed before September next year.

In the next five years, SŽDC plans more voluminous investment projects of other station buildings in the Karlovy Vary Region and the Hradec Králové Region. The undoubtedly most costly investment amounting to about 150 million Czech Crowns is being prepared in Cheb with another big investment of 75 million Czech Crowns being expected in Jaroměř Station. Chlumec nad Cidlinou is also waiting to see a reconstruction amounting to 75 million Czech Crowns. Reconstructions of a slightly smaller volume are planned for the following four stations: Dvůr Králové nad Labem for 25 million, Bečov nad Teplou for 22 million, Aš for 20 million or Doudleby nad Orlicí for 17 million Czech Crowns.


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