Press Conference Letohrad - Lichkov


Press conference on the completion of the line electrification Letohrad - Lichkov

Letohrad, 10/06/2009 – Another significant construction on the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic is approaching its end. The main works on the Electrification of the railway section Letohrad – Lichkov have been finished; there are currently finalization works and implementation of additional objects. The completion is anticipated on 30th June 2009.

The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General commented on the significance of the line electrification: "Simultaneously with the completion of the reconstruction and electrification, long-distance express trains and transit freight trains can travel from Poland via the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and farther to the south of Europe in electric traction and at higher speed. Compared to the previous situation, there is no need to change locomotives at the railway station Letohrad."

The railway transport returned to the line in November 2008 with the end of track possession related to the electrification. Since the start of the construction (2007), the whole section from km 90,875 to km 113,251 has undergone a complete change of the railway superstructure and substructure, including drainage, rehabilitation and modification of rock-cuttings. 52 bridges or culverts and 23 level crossings including electronic signalling equipment were reconstructed or newly built. There was a complete reconstruction of the railway stations Těchonín, Lichkov and Jablonné n.O., including new fully equipped island platforms. New platforms were built at the railway stations Mladkov, Jamné and Verměřovice. Everything for the travelling public has been built in compliance with the directives on the movement of disabled people. We should also mention major noise reduction measures – noise absorbing barriers and windows replacements at selected buildings near the railway track. A new contact line installation with the total length of 33,9 km was built along the whole line. A new traction rectifier substation in Jablonné nad Orlicí and a traction switching station in Lichkov were built to provide the traction power supply. All railway stations are equipped with a new power-circuit wiring for the power supply of the railway stations Těchonín, Lichkov and Jablonné n.O. and for the new station interlocking equipment.

Bedřich Šafařík, Director of the Construction from the firm Viamont, a.s. commented on the approaching deadline: "We are about to reach the end of a long road. Challenging terrain configuration and climatic conditions have put this construction among complex projects. I still believe that the public will appreciate a more comfortable way of travelling, shorter travelling time, contemporary structures and up-to-date signalling equipment."

The total costs of this significant project that is funded by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure (SFTI) will amount to ca CZK 1,609 billion in the final phase. The project has been put on a list of priority constructions under the Operational Program Transport for the period of 2007 – 2013 and is to be co-funded by the European Union through the Cohesion Fund at the amount of CZK 1,27 billion, which represents 78,9% of the construction costs.

The contractor of the construction is the Association Lichkov whose members are the joint-stock companies Viamont DSP, EUROVIA CS (the former Constructions of Roads and Railways) and Skanska DS.

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