New Traction Substation at Nymburk and Switching Station at Poříčany Ensure Safer and Faster Operation on a Key Line


Nymburk, 17 January 2017 – Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty festively completed the reconstruction of the traction substation at Nymburk and construction of a switching station at Poříčany. The new converter station and switching station play a key role in ensuring safety and reliable operation in respective line sections. The necessity of this construction’s implementation was based primarily on growing requirements for railway lines’ power feeding.

”Before the reconstruction, the original station was equipped with older technology and its technical state did not correspond to the newest EU parameters and standards. Therefore, the new traction substation assured not only a more reliable power source but also increased operation safety. In case of emergency, its output may allow partly feeding lines not directly adjacent to the converter station, said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC.

The project’s objective was a reconstruction of the substation’s technological and construction part and low and high voltage distribution in the precinct including its connection to the catenary. Works also included the construction of a new prefabricated service building. For needs of long-distance supervision and control from the electrical control centre in Prague, newest up-to-date technology has been installed and connected to transmission paths and signalling equipment.

The construction also included building a switching station at Poříčany to achieve an improvement in operating traction power feeding and increasing transportation capacity of Czech Rail Transit Corridor I. The switching station was built with connected high and low voltage distribution and a connection to the catenary and signalling transmission paths.

The complete reconstruction and modernisation of the building and installations allowed primarily increasing the substation’s output in the area considering growing requirements on railway lines’ power feeding. The project implementation also satisfied requirements for increasing railway transport reliability in the given sections in any circumstances, be it higher operation, unfavourable weather conditions or power failure of neighbouring converter stations.

This is a so-called phased project with Phase No I having been financed by the European Union from its Cohesion Fund under the Operation Programme Transport 2007–2013 and co-financing of Phase No II being approved under the Operational Programme Transport 2014–2020. Total estimated costs of the construction equal CZK 356,087,102 (VAT excluded) and the total planned EU contribution amounts up to CZK 252,839,993. National financing is provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Increasing Traction Substation’s Output,
Substation Nymburk and Switching Station  Poříčany
Construction Investor Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Suppliers Elektrizace železnic, a.s.
Sudop Praha a.s.
OHL ŽS, a. s. 
Term of launch 12/2014
Term of completion 11/2016
Total construction costs CZK 356,087,102 (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution CZK 252,839,993



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