The film “You won’t make it!” intends to save lives on the railway


Prague, 23rd March 2015 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration has presented a unique safety film made by students with the characteristic name “You won’t make it!”. The goal of this joint project with Czech Railways is especially to support prevention and education in the area of safety on the railway for young people. The official premiere of the film took place today at the Prague MAT cinema in the presence of representatives of the RIA, Czech Railways, the project partners, the authors and other guests.

“Despite the fact that we are living in an information age, people are still dying needlessly on the railways. Amongst other things, I blame a lack of high quality prevention and educational materials which show what happens when we fail to respect fundamental rules which can be said to have been tried and tested by generations. When my colleagues came up with the idea of making the film “You won’t make it!”, I fully supported it. And if it helps us to prevent even a single accident, it will be a huge success,” declared Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The acted documentary acquaints the public with the basic safety rules on the railway and in its environs, it provides information about risky behaviour and it draws attention to its possible fatal consequences. Even though it is fictional, the film is very emotional and effective, because the individual stories are based on real-life exceptional events on the railways.

The motivation for creating the movie “You won’t make it!” was mainly the shocking statistics of railway accidents. During the last three years, 673 people have died on the railway, 91 of whom were younger than 25. Moreover, the situation has not improved, as 2014 was the most tragic year in the aforementioned period. “I deeply regret this development, but a Prevention Train which acquaints pupils and students with hazardous behaviour in railway transport has been travelling the rails since 2007. In 2013, the Railway Infrastructure Administration also joined in the Prevention Train project and we decided to make a new film in cooperation with the RIA so that we can screen it in the Prevention train. We hope that this film will further address young people and force them to think about their behaviour“, said Michal Štěpán, Member of the Board of Directors of Czech Railways.

An analysis of the statistics has shown that most tragedies are completely needless. The most frequent causes of fatal accidents include indiscipline among drivers or pedestrians at railway crossings, nonsensical crossing of the tracks, jumping into moving carriages or movement in areas where the risk of receiving an electric shock exists. The film therefore focuses on these key areas. The documentary has been created according to the credo “youth for youth” and it has been made by arts school students. This should further strengthen its effect on the young generation. The young team of students took care of nearly all significant parts of the filming: the casting, assisting the director, the producer and even contributions to the script.

The film has been created within the framework of the Safety on the Railway prevention campaign and it should interactively supplement Traffic Education in schools. Up to this date, this education has only concerned itself with road transport. The following companies active in the area of railway operation have joined the project within the framework of their social responsibility: Czech Railways as General Partner: the Railway Research Institute, AŽD Praha s.r.o. and Sudop Praha a.s as other partners.

Czech Railways have operated the Prevention Train for Safe Railways since 2007. It is a project focussed on the highest risk group, i.e. young people from thirteen, and it gives pupils and students information about the principles of safety on the railway in an untraditional way directly in the train. Since 2007, more than 10 thousand pupils and students have passed through the Prevention Train in 27 towns and cities in the Czech Republic. This year, the Prevention train will head to the Karlovy Vary Region and the film “You won’t make it!” will be seen by pupils and students in Karlovy Vary and in Sokolov in the week from 27th May.

Project Designation You won’t make it!
Presentation An acted documentary, a project within the framework of the Safety on the Railways prevention campaign
Key area Railway crossings, electric shock, walking on the rails, correct behaviour on the platform, correct behaviour  when riding on a train
2014 statistics 332 accidents with people, of that 253 deaths, 80 injuries
Cooperating subjects Czech Railways, joint stock company., the Railway Research Institute, AŽD Praha s.r.o., Sudop Praha a.s.


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