The Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic initiated a crucial part of the Czech Rail transformation


Prague, 21/10/2010 – The strategic decision of the Ministry of Transport CR to promptly complete the transformation process is considered by SŽDC a clear signal that the transformation of the Czech Railway needs to be accomplished according to the principle agreed upon at the very beginning in 2003.

Pursuant to Act No. 77/2002Coll. eight years ago a decision was made, in compliance with the requirements of the European Union, concerning the separation of the national carrier and the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic. The objective was to provide equal conditions for all carriers accessing the railway network, thus creating a competitive environment.

The previous management of the Ministry of Transport was dragging their feet in the matter of the transformation completion in the past years and since the last transfer of the regional infrastructure administrations (SDC) providing rail operability as of 1. 7. 2008 – more than two years have passed already.

A compact unit is going to be created by transferring activities related to rail service to SŽDC as a contemporary railway infrastructure manager. This will result in enhanced flexibility of the railway transport organization in the Czech Republic as well as in lower costs of rail operation. There will be a primary supervision of the financial means utilization within the rail service area.


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