Interlocking long-distance control on the line Česká Třebová – Přerov completed. Traffic controllers now also supervising level crossings.


Přerov, 30 October 2012 – Project „DOZ Česká Třebová – Přerov“ has been completed on today´s festive occasion; this project provides the system of long-distance traffic control and technological equipment control in the track sectionPřerov (excluding) –Česká Třebová (excluding) including the links to current signalling and information systems. The traffic control centre for this section is situated in a new building of the Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) in Přerov.The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.



The construction project is a follow-up to the modernization and the optimization of the connecting branch of I and II Railway Transit Corridor in the track section of Přerov (excluding) – Česká Třebová (excluding). As part of these construction projects, modern signalling, telecommunication and power supply equipment was installed; it provides the section control and is the base for the traffic control.

One of the CTC halls in Přerov houses new workplaces representing workstations set-ups arranged in three successive rows. Individual levels have been raised to ensure good visibility. In the hall there are three workplaces for section traffic controllers. The transmission technology has also been supplemented to extend the traffic control of the line Přerov – Česká Třebová.

The signalling and telecommunication system software has been modified in the stations. The railway stations are now equipped with camera surveillance systems to monitor selected station areas; a segment of the telecommunication equipment has been modified to comply with the needs of the traffic control at stations.

The level crossings on the I-class to III-class roads are equipped with surveillance cameras included in the surveillance camera system so that the CTController can monitor the situation at these level crossings.  Electric switch heating was also supplemented in parts.

National Funds have been granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The main part has been co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Operational Programme Transport. EU contribution represents up to 84.9 % of the eligible cost.

Selected data  
Name of the construction „DOZ Česká Třebová - Přerov"
Investor of the construction Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
General developer SUDOP Praha a.s.
Contractor AŽD Praha, s.r.o.
Length of DOZ track 109,025 km
Line speed 160 km/h
Start of the section Česká Třebová on km 0,206
End of the section Přerov on km 183,179 (CTC Přerov)
Quantity of controlled ŽST 12
Commencement November 2011
Completion August 2012
Total construction expenses CZK 140.000.000


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