A new railway stop in the city centre started services for inhabitants of Třinec


Třinec, 20 June 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration together with the Ministry of Transport, the city of Třinec and Czech Railways opened festively a new railway stop Třinec centrum (Trzyniec Centrum), situated on the sections between railway stations Bystřice nad Olší – Třinec on Transit Railway Corridor III. The stop is situated not far from T. G. Masaryk Square. Servicing the city centre will thus improve which will contribute to a higher interest of city inhabitants in railway transport. This should be also helped by ne parking being currently built near the new railway stop.

The current Třinec railway station is situated near an industry zone and 2.4 km far from the new railway stop. In relation with current optimisation of the Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín line and the construction of the underpass VIA Lyžbice, a decision has been taken to build a new railway stop directly in the city centre. Investments amounting almost 35 million CZK (VAT excluded) was financed from national resources by means of the State fund of transport infrastructure, contributions were also provided by the city of Třinec and Czech Railways.

Passengers will have at their disposal two external grade-separated platforms 300 metres long with a boarding edge 550 mm above the rail surface. Platforms are three metres wide with a widening at the site of fixed stairs and elevators for passengers. A part of the surface is hardened by concrete paving. The railway stop is fully barrier-free equipped with warning and signal belts. Access to the platform is possible both on fixed stairs and elevators from the road underpass and by access walkways at the site of the closed level crossing. The stairs are under roof.

Each platform is equipped with a partly glassed-in shelter for passengers in grey and silver hue. The shelters are 70 metres long and one wall serves all its length as an anti-noise barrier. The railway stop was equipped with an information system and a clock and also prepared for a city camera system to be installed.

The adjacent housing in the Lyžbice municipality is protected by anti-noise barriers of one-side or two-side acoustic boards made from mixed plastic. The anti-noise barriers are 333 metres long at Rail No  1 a 321 metres at Rail No 2.

A part of the construction was also the reconstruction of the railway substructure and superstructure, dewatering of the station, building a new traction and cable line, safety and signalling equipment, lighting and a technological house for placing SŽDC technological background, a low and high tension switching station and a unit sub-station.

According to the project of the SUDOP Brno company, the railway stop was built by OHL ŽS and Subterra companies.


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