Second stage of European TSI-TAF Regulation implementation can start


Prague, 27 September  2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) will be able to start the second stage of TSI-TAF implementation into its information systems. This was possible by the decision of the Minister of Transport approving the project for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport (OPT). Total project expenses will amount 40 million CZK. The rate of support from OPT amount to 16.872,500 CZK at maximum which equals  42,5% of eligible costs. Up to 7,5% of the costs will be paid from the state budget, i.e. 2.977,500 CZK at maximum. The remaining part equalling 20.150,000 CZK will be paid by RIA from its own resources.  This operation will be taking up the first stage which was festively finished this May.



The primal reason for the project realization is to meet in full requirements for mutual data communication as set by Regulation EC 62/2006/ES concerning the technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematic applications for freight subsystem of the trans-European conventional rail system, in short TSI-TAF.

Another contribution of importance is improving openness and thus improving competitiveness of the railway network towards neighbouring railway infrastructures, unifying information and communication systems, improving services of the infrastructure manager for transport operators which is one of the prerequisites for increasing demand for rail transport in the Czech Republic.

Finalizing a comprehensive information system that will ensure a consolidated operation control system in all stages of the train life cycle has doubtless its importance as well. This will enable better and more effective use of subordinated data and thus a possibility to use the Czech rail network better and more effectively under operation and telematic conditions functioning within the EU. The result can be an increase of the rail transport share on the Czech transport market which will have a positive impact on the environment.

Realization of the next project stage will assure implementation of TSI-TAF subsystem functions that were not ensured during the OPT project first stage. This concerns functions directly related to the current state of TSI-TAF European implementation:

  • connection to common code-lists and using European Common Interface,
  • connection to the central information system for following movement of RNE international trains TIS (Train Information system),
  • finalizing TSI-TAF functionalities in the operative control information system,

adapting internal processes of operative control in order to be able to meet TSI-TAF functionalities as defined for the interface with transport operators and other infrastructure managers and to achieve quality improvement in services of the infrastructure manager for transport operators in the field of ensuring a safe ride of the train.


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