An original cycle track resulted from the modernization of the railway line and the initiative of the city of Zábřeh


Zábřeh, 31 May 2012 – the scent of railway sleepers and a beautiful scenery of green wooded hills – this is just
a fraction of experiences we can enjoy on a completely new over 2,5 km long cycle track between Hoštejn and Lupěné at the Olomoucky Region. The path (not only) for the cyclists was built  thanks to the modernization
of the line Česká Třebová – Zábřeh na Moravě, part of III Railway Transit Corridor, and to the construction of a new tunnel relocation running  through Hejnice massif and after deserting the original earthworks and trackbed construction. The investor of the line modernization is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

The investor of the cycle track is the city of Zábřeh and the Olomoucký Region contributed with over CZK 1,6 MM. The funds
at the amount of CZK 9,1 MM were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The investment cost (including the related transport infrastructure) totals approximately CZK 12 MM. The modernization of the line and the afore-mentioned need to
re-align the line initiated talks about the cycle track on a deserted earthworks bordering Hejnice hill. SŽDC was most helpful
to supporters of the future cycle track. The result was quite logical and meaningful as the ideal track was used with existing bridge structures and practically a zero gradient (max. 2%), which will surely satisfy less trained cyclists or in-line skating enthusiasts. The new cycle track can also be used e.g. for the organization of speed competitions in cycle run of the Republic´s Championship (Rollo liga).

More information about the project:

The cycle track is part of the significant regional cycle track No. 6232 running on existing adjoining III class roads in the direction
of Hoštejn. This regional cycle track connects the via Hoštejn running regional cycle track No. 521 (Moravská Třebová – Štíty)
with the long-distance Moravian cycle track No. 51 running via Lesnice. Diversion of its part to the deserted earthworks contributed to enhanced safety of cyclists in this section. The change of the function of the deserted earthworks thus has a positive impact
on less noisy transport in the vicinity; it will fulfil transport-service function as well as the recreational, touristic and sporting role.

The diversion of cycling traffic to deserted earthworks in the section from Hoštejn to Lupěné was recommended in the „Concept for cycling transport development on the territory of the Olomoucký Region“ in 2003 as well as in the current „Area feasibility study of cycling transport development in the Olomoucký Region“. The project was implemented in order to enhance the safety of cyclists by diverting the cycling traffic from roads to deserted earthworks.  The path runs along the watercourse of the Sázava River. Its existence opened the aesthetically most interesting section of this waterway. The construction of the cycle track was physically implemented from August to November 2011.

The city of Zábřeh, with the cycle track on the deserted earthworks within the follow-up project, has recently built a nature trail with several stops (information boards) presenting information about the beauties of nature of this location and railway history.

The construction of the cycle track on the deserted earthworks was funded by the Olomoucký Region, State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and the city of Zábřeh.


Basic data  
Length of cycle track 2,511 km
Width of cycle track 3 m
Gradient max. 2 %
Reconstructed railway bridges 3
Total investment costs CZK 12,4 MM
Zábřeh CZK 1,6 MM
Olomoucký Region CZK 1,6 MM
Implementation August – November 2011


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