Investment priorities on the Czech railway


Prague, 27 June 2012 – the priority of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization
in the area of investments in the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic for the current budget period
of the European Union (2007 – 2013) is the completion of the remaining sections and the junctions on the Third
and the Fourth Railway Transit Corridor. This was confirmed at today´s press conference by Mr. Pavel Dobeš, Minister of Transport and Mr. Jiří Kolář, SŽDC's Director General will have announced a tender for five significant projects by the end of June.

•           Reconstruction of railway junction Břeclav, 2nd construction

•           Optimization of the line Praha Bubeneč – Praha Holešovice

•           Reconstruction of Olomouc station

•           Modernization of the line Tábor – Sudoměřice u Tábora

•           Thoroughfare of railway junction Ústí nad Orlicí


Reconstruction of railway junction Břeclav, 2nd construction

Implementation 09/2012 – 08/2014
Costs CZK 1,013 MM
Subject Reconstruction of the centre section of the station and the signalling installation
Utility Significant speed enhancement in the thoroughfare and enhanced traffic safety


Optimization of the line Praha Bubeneč – Praha Holešovice

Implementation 09/2012 – 07/2014
Costs CZK 1,088 MM
Subject Modernization of stations and construction of a new train stop
Utility Enhanced comfort of travelling


Reconstruction of Olomouc station

Implementation 10/2012 – 11/2015
Costs CZK 2,512 MM
Subject Modernization of passenger station
Utility Enhanced comfort and safety of travelling


Modernization of the line Tábor – Sudoměřice u Tábora

Implementation 10/2012 – 09/2015
Costs CZK 2,423 MM
Subject Double-tracking of the line
Utility Enhancement of maximum permitted speed up to 160 km/hour


Thoroughfare of Ústí nad Orlicí railway junction

Implementation 10/2012 – 03/2015
Costs CZK 1,469 MM
Subject Relocation of the line while preserving the current passenger building
Utility Enhancement of maximum speed up to 160 km/hour


Public procurement will be submitted in an open proceeding pursuant to § 27 Act No. 137/2006 Coll. on public procurement,
and the evaluative criterion will be the lowest bid price. The tender dossier for the constructions was approved by an expert team represented by staff members of the Ministry of Transport, the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and the Czech Technical University. As regards the qualification requirements, SŽDC always requests terms complying with the character and the scope
of the construction, but on the other hand it does not require terms that would unnecessarily restrict the number of bidders.

The implementation of the projects will result in shorter travelling time and in enhanced transportation capacity, thus improving
the competitive position of railway toward other transport modes. The purpose of the constructions is to modify the railway infrastructure with a view to achieving the top line speed (160 km/hour, possibly up to 200 km/hour on the Fourth Corridor)
and to ensuring the structure gauge and the line load class of UIC.

Other benefits include barrier-free access to stations and stops, reconstruction of level crossings, higher platform edge for easier entry and exit of passengers, up-to-date orientation and navigation systems and lower noise level in the vicinity of reconstructed lines.


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