A new platform for passengers in Uherský Brod station


Uherský Brod, 17. December 2014 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration completed construction works in the premises of Uherský Brod railway station as part of the second stage of the local transport terminal’s construction. Passenger can thus already use a new platform directly connected to the bus stop being currently built. The main construction investor is the city of Uherský Brod; the project’s implementation was supported by the Czech-Swiss Cooperation Programme.

The platform’s construction started this July, in October it was put into testing operation. It is 160 metres long with a boarding edge in a standard height of 550 millimetres above the rail which allows passengers easy boarding and getting off trains. The project also includes new lighting, radio and connected fastened surfaces. The new platform will allow direct change to twelve roofed bus stops being currently under construction.

Other construction adaptations are less visible, but nonetheless important. Railway superstructure and substructure 510 metres long in part of the station has undergone reconstruction; the works’ technological part including installations important for seamless and safe rail operation, especially signalling and safety equipment, was carried out as well,.

The construction designated as Transport Terminal Uherský Brod – Stage II was designed by the company MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc a.s. Costs for reconstructing part of the trackage including  modifications of technological equipment amount up to 23.5 Mio CZK. The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation, organisational unit Civil Engineering Administration East. The construction’s supplier is Traťová strojní stanice Olomouc s.r.o., seated in Přerov.

Thanks to an approved extension of this project financed from the Czech-Swiss Cooperation Programme, the Railway Infrastructure Administration is preparing the completion of platforms’ construction in Uherský Brod railway station for 2016.


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