No obstacles any more at the beginning of the track Rokycany-Plzeň modernization


Prague, 16 July 2013 – Správa železniční dopravní cesty (Railway Infrastructure Administration) can sign the contract with the supplier of the Rokycany-Plzeň Modernization soon and effectively start this important investment for Railway Corridor 3. This was made possible thanks to the decision of the Office for Protection of Competition’s Chairman Petr Rafaj from 12 June 2013. He confirmed  hereby the previous decision of the Office on the right choice of the winning participant of this public tender and at the same time he rejected the appeal lodged by the unsuccessful contender for the contract.

The public tender designated as Rokycany-Plzeň Line Modernization was published on 14 February last year. Envelopes opening took place on 10 July and the evaluation of applications was held on 21 September. The estimated price of the tender amounted approximately to 7,5 billion CZK, VAT excl.

There were six companies which have applied for the competition. Considering the fact that they were able to submit several options, the selection committee was choosing out of 9 offers. The offer chosen as best of all has been submitted by the Association MTS+SBT+MTÚ Rokycany-Plzeň, in which the leading participant is Metrostav a.s. and a participant of the association is Subtera a.s. The winning association has presented the offer with a price of 3 972 925 902 CZK.

This tender was the first of its kind in general when every company could present several options for solution. ”The reason was the construction of a 4 km long tunnel under the hill Chlum, which will be the longest tunnel in the Czech Republic,“ said the Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, Mr. Jiří Kolář. He added that the completion of this section would substantially speed up travelling by train between the Plzeň and Prague stations.

The signing of the contract between the client and the winning contractor will be realized in the days to follow. The construction will take three years with a participation of the European Union to a large extent while using resources of the Operational Programme Transport for the period of 2007-2013 This programme allows financing constructions works carried out till the end of 2015. There is an assumption that up to this date most of the allocated money will be spent for the construction. The remaining part will be transferred to the year 2016.


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