The European Commission approved co-funding of another big investment project of the Czech railway.


EU will contribute with nearly Euro 55 million to the project „Electrification of the line Zábřeh – Šumperk“.

Brussels/Prague, 23 September 2011 – the seventh big investment project (over Euro 50 million) has been endorsed by the European Commission. Approved co-funding of the project "Electrification of the line Zábřeh - Šumperk" by the European Union isa clear confirmation of the professional management dealing with investment projects on the Czech railway for the investor – Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. In this context, it needs to be pointed out that in other segments of the transport infrastructure (road and water transport constructions) only one big investment project has been approved to be co-funded by the European Commission. The amount drawn upon the Cohesion Fund and related to the co-funding of the priority axis No. 3 „Modernization of the railway network beyond TEN-T network“ under the Operational Programme Transport for the „Electrification of the line Zábřeh – Šumperk“, is Euro 54,656,638.



The electrification of the line reduced ecological impacts on the environment and resulted in faster, more continuous and safer operation. The length of the reconstructed section is almost 13.5 km. The track speed prior to the reconstruction was 70 to 80 km/hour; after the completion it was 80 to 100 km/hour. New platforms in the train stop Zábřeh na Moravě and in the railway stations Postřelmov, Bludov and Šumperk are now 550 mm over the top of rail, which allows the passengers an easier entry and exit. The platform structures meet requirements for safe movement of visually impaired and disabled people. The railway station Postřelmov has been provided with a grade-separated access to the island platform and passengers can use a recently-built subway.

The reconstruction of the bridge structures for D4 loadability was implemented with 12 bridges and 15 culverts. 12 level crossings and 2 pedestrian crossings were reconstructed as well. One level crossing was cancelled. All level crossings and pedestrian crossings are equipped with flashing light crossing signals (altogether 13). The modernization of the signalling installation of the top 3rd category – electronic interlocking – was carried out in three railway stations; the line signalling system of the same category was implemented along the length of 7,720 m. 29 S&C units have been equipped with new station interlocking equipment of the 3rd category.

The developer of the Electrification of the line Zábřeh – Šumperk was MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc, joint-stock company. The implementation was carried out by the Association Zábřeh – Šumperk, whose chief member was EUROVIA CS, a. s. Other members of the association were Skanska a. s. and Eiffage Construction spol. s r. o. Česká republika. The overall costs of the project total CZK 1,754,718,342. The construction was being implemented in the period 2008 – 2010.


Basic information on the construction  
Length of the reconstructed section 13 460 m
Length of electrified tracks 22 350 m
Reconstructed bridges for D4 loadability 12
Reconstructed culverts 15
Reconstructed level crossings 12
Reconstructed pedestrian crossings 2
Cancelled level crossings 1
Reconstructed switches 29
Implemented level crossing safety installations 13
Track cables 16 700 m
Fibre-optic cables 14 250 m
Implementation of electric switch heating 42
Noise barriers 2 423 m
Noise protection measures 21


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