Trains stop at Ústí nad Orlicí station again


Ústí nad Orlicí, 28 November 2014 – The construction called Passage through Railway Junction in Ústí nad Orlicí reached its final stage. The new relocation of the railway line enabling a considerable increase in speed is already in operation so that trains can stop at Ústí nad Orlicí railway station since mid-November again. Today, managers carried out an inspection at the construction site. The project is co-financed by the European Union from its Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport.




Reconstruction of the railway junction at Ústí nad Orlilcí station started last year in February; once all works are completed speed of the trains passing through the station will increase, at the same time the information and safety system will be modernised as well as the catenary and power feeding cables. To board the trains, passengers will have at their disposal two elevated central platforms with four boarding edges and a total length of 1,350 metres. Passengers will reach their trains through an underpass, disabled people as well as people visually impaired will be able to use two lifts.

Since this year's March, reconstruction of the odd set of tracks has been taking place at Ústí nad Orlicí station. Therefore passengers traveling on regional trains and particular long-distance trains used to get on and off their trains at Ústí nad Orlicí město station. Trains to and from Letohrad were replaced by buses in the whole line section. At the same time, construction of the other half of the bridge in Kerhartice was under way, a cable duct and an underpass for passengers, pedestrians and cyclists was built at the Česká Třebová station head, central platforms No 1 and 2 were constructed and reconstruction of the catenary and the station lighting took place as well.

Towards the end of August, railway operation was relocated to the new railway scaffold bridge consisting of three bridges over Třebovka River, a 2nd class road and the confluence of Třebovka River and Tichá Orlice River. This had replaced the existing roadbed including the original five-arch bridge which was subsequently demolished and a part of the existing embankment was removed. The new information and safety system - an all-electric interlocking apparatus - was put into use. At the same time, transport employees were transferred into a new technological building.

On 17 November, the mostly modernised station in Ústí nad Orlicí was opened to the general public. A new entrance section is in use with a passenger information system, cash desks, public toilets and a waiting room. Even though the construction has not been completed yet, premises within the railway station are safe to be used by passengers. It is expected that the entire construction will be completed as at 31 March 2015. By this date, final works will be done on platforms and the roofing which was not completed due to difficulties with one of the suppliers.

Simultaneously with operation start at the main station, an underpass was made accessible for pedestrians and cyclists leading from Nádražní Street and out of the city. It also interconnects the path leading from the city to Kerhartice. An access road for cars coming from the town has also been put to use together with a newly built car park for 123 vehicles. In addition to this, buses run again between the city bus station and the railway station.

Construction Designation Passage through Railway Junction at Ústí nad Orlicí station
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
General Designer SUDOP Praha a.s.
Supplier EUROVIA CS, a.s.
Construction section Km 255.411 – km 257.828
Speed 160 km/h local limitation, 120 km/h for classical train-sets
Catenary Assemblage 16.3 km, dismantling 15.2 km
Anti-noise barriers 3,027 m
Date of launch 2/2013
Date of completion 3/2015
Total construction l costs CZK 1.747.835,000


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