Thanks to modernisation trains will pass through Plzeň up to four times faster


Plzeň, October 1, 2014 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) officially launched the reconstruction of the east side of Plzeň main station direction to Prague. It officially started Phase 1 of the Plzeň railway junction modernisation. The objective of the project is to repair the station so that it can fully perform its function as the most important crossroads in the region of Czech Railway Transit Corridor III.



The current infrastructure is not suitable for this purpose and is not able to handle the expected volume of traffic. Passengers have to face problems with low platforms, the trackage has a poor design and insufficient capacity, electrical and mechanical equipment is obsolete and a lack of spare parts limits maintenance.

“The Main Station Plzeň has been the least favourite station of Railway Corridor III for a long time. Fast trains have to slow down on the switches to 20 km/h. This will change however by the end of next year. Thanks to modernisation of the Prague station head, i.e. a track branching in direction to the capital city, trains will pass through with speeds up to 80 km/h. The construction will also have other positive effects, such as increasing the effectivity of traffic flows and decreasing operation and maintenance costs. Moreover, the installation of a new signalling system will improve railway operation safety.“ said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC .

In the first phase of the Plzeň junction modernisation, the eastern part of the railway station will be completely reconstructed. Works have to be done mainly on the complex switch and crossing work and extensive station trackage, including the connecting sections. In addition to a faster and more comfortable ride, passengers can look forward to  four modern platforms which they will have much safer access to thanks to the new underpass “said Mr. Jindřich Topol, Executive Director of Railway Civil Engineering, Skanska a.s. The project includes a total renovation of the railway substructure and drainage. The so-called Gambrinus Bridge across U Prazdroje Street will undergo modernisation as well.

The reconstruction of the Prague station head is part of a complex of constructions in this important railway junction. It can be considered as a continuation of an already completed project entitled Passage though Plzeň railway junction in direction of Railway Transit Corridor III. In the eastern direction it is connected to the Plzeň – Rokycany line section the modernisation of which began last year.

The implementation of the project called Junction Plzeň, first construction - reconstruction of Prague station head will cost 1.676.592,312 CZK. Co-financing of the construction is planned from the European Union Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport in a planned amount up to 1.368.012,770 CZK. In this context, the request for co-financing from the Cohesion Fund has been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Transport. The remaining funds from national resources are provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Designation of project Junction Plzeň, 1st  construction – reconstruction of Prague station head
Investor of construction Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
General designer SUDOP PRAHA, a.s
Supplier Skanska a.s.
Beginning and end of construction 102.153 km - 103.673 km line Prague – Plzeň
347.308 km - 348.986 km line České . Budějovice – Plzeň
0.000 km - 2.229 km line Plzeň – Žatec
97.202 km - 97.369 km line Klatovy – Plzeň
Speed corridor passage - 80 km/h at minimum
Line section to Žatec - 60 km/h
Line section to České Budějovice - 80 km/h
Launch date 03/2014
Date of completion 03/2016
Total construction costs 1.676.592,312 CZK



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