Optimization of the railway section Č. Velenice - Veselí nad Lužnicí – 1 construction


Festive launch of electric operation on the line České Budějovice – České Velenice – Gmünd NÖ

České Velenice, 11.06.2010 – The first construction dealing with the electrification of the line České Budějovice - České Velenice was the „Electrification of the section České Velenice – České Budějovice 1st phase“, implemented in the period 2006 – 2009. Its scope included the line from the Velenice station head in the railway station České Budějovice, up to the end of the railway section Nové Hrady – Č.Velenice, a follow-up to the „Optimization of the section Č.Velenice – Veselí nad Lužnicí – 1st construction“.
The complete update of the track arrangement of the railway station České Velenice, a new platform layout, a new bridge structure spanning the Lužnice river, contemporary signalling equipment and in the first place the full electrification for AC traction 25 kV 50 Hz, are listed as the main tasks which were implemented in the district of the railway station České Velenice. The electric operation on the section České Budějovice – České Velenice – Gmünd NÖ has been festively launched today.

The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization, Civil Engineering Administration Pilsen. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General stressed the significance of this construction: „The goal of the optimization was to provide the railway station České Velenice with technical parameters corresponding to European standards and to standards within the interoperability for the lines of the European Railway System, including safety enhancement in terms of rail transport as well as the travelling public.“

The construction starts on km 163,100 at the state border with Austria. The construction ends on km 166,000 in the direction to České Budějovice and on km 1,868 in the direction to Veselí nad Lužnicí. The construction work at the railway station České Velenice was implemented on the premises of the existing railway station. The construction to its full extent is in the cadastral territory of České Velenice.

The construction will ensure the line speed for standard sets up to 100 km/h, establishing the clearance for the loading gauge UIC GC and the loading class D4. 
In 2008, there was preparatory work requiring short-duration daytime possession of the track to Nové Hrady; the main track possessions had to occur due to the work progress in 2009. Tomáš John, Construction manager from Viamont DSP, joint-stock company recapped the work progress: „To this day the construction has been nearly finished. Passengers have surely noticed the biggest change, i.e. the fully reconstructed platforms with level access to trains and barrier-free access to these platforms. “

The project documentation was developed by SUDOP Praha, a.s. The contractor of the construction is the „Association of České Velenice“, whose members are Viamont DSP a.s., Ústí nad Labem and FIRESTA – Fišer, reconstructions, constructions a.s., Brno.
The investment costs of the construction including the preparation and 7% reserve, total CZK 851,362 million without VAT.
This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport, the maximum contribution totals CZK 512.907.314.

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