Another railway track to be built also between Veselí nad Lužnicí and Soběslav


Praha, 19 December 2013 – The second railway track will be built in a part of the 4th Railway Corridor from Prague to Southern Bohemia. This track will be built within the scope of modernization of the railway line from Veselí nad Lužnicí to Soběslav, prepared by the Railway Infrastructure Administration (Správa železniční dopravní cesty). This project will, among other things, include complete reconstruction of the Soběslav Station.



The building works on an approximately six-kilometre track section will not only result in extension of line´s throughput, but also significant increase of train speed. Favourable slope of formation and gradient will allow service of trains at the speed of up to 160 km/h. The new track will be laid in the axis of the existing one-track line, the second track will mainly be at its right. All six railway crossings  at this line section will be closed and replaced by overpass.

An exception will be the crossing at Řípec-Dráchov Station, which will temporarily remain after the reconstruction. In the next stage, after the construction of a road overpass, it will be replaced by pedestrian overpass with light signal and railway gate, used for barrier-free access to the platform.  Because of extension of the track curve radius, this station will be relocated some meters away.

Even more extensive change will experience the Soběslav Station, where one island and one 300-m outer platform  will be built. Passenger access to trains will be through pedestrian tunnel with stairs and lifts. Totally, there will be four railway tracks of useful lengths 650 m at the station. A new service building will also be built. The reconstruction of the Soběslav Station, incl. closing the crossing at  km  62.420 and construction of a new  group of switches in direction to Tábor, will only be finalized in the  course of the 2nd stage of this project (reconstruction of the remaining rail line section to Doubí u Tábora).  

Construction works will include modernization of signalling and control command devices, control systems and overhead line to achieve set parameters of line modernization.

This project is eligible for co-financing from EU Cohesion Fund, within the framework of the Operation Programme Transport in 2007–2013. The costs not covered by the Fund will be paid by the National Transport Infrastructure Fund.


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