A new route for trains as a result of the modernization of the Votice – Benešov u Prahy line


Prague, 28 August 2012 – The last large track possession in connection with the line modernization will end on Wednesday, 29 August at 03:20 p.m.  The first train to run in the new route is fast train R 202 with scheduled departure from Olbramovice at 03:42 p.m. The line relocation (in the First Railway Transit Corridor so far) will thus be serviceable between Bystřice and Olbramovice, including three new railway tunnels: Tomický I, Tomický II and Zahradnický. Two new train stops - Bystřice u Benešova and Tomice will be put into operation as well. The second open line track will be put into operation before 30 November this year.



The investor of the construction project is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Funds were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The construction project is co-funded by the European Union as part of the Operational Programme Transport; the maximum EU fund contribution approved totals CZK 4,081,436,955.

The section of Votice - Benešov u Prahy is included in the trans-European Railway Network and the 4th Railway Transit Corridor: Děčín state border - Prague - Benešov - Tábor- Veselí n. Lužnicí - České Budějovice - Horní Dvořiště state border.  The main benefits include the safe passage capability of rail vehicles of D4 UIC, UIC – GC loading gauge, the requested track capacity and the enhancement of top line speed up to 160 km per hour.

As part of the implementation of the 1st open line track in the section of Olbramovice (excluding) – Bystřice through the new tunnels: Zahradnický (1044m), Tomický (324m), Tomický II (252m), there are additional operation-related changes. The former passing point Tomice as well as railway station Bystřice will change into train stops.

In addition to the large-scale construction work on relocations and tunnels, the reconstruction of the signalling installations and the contact line system has been completed. In Olbramovice, the even set of tracks has been reconstructed; this had included the set-up of ten switches, the reconstruction of two railway bridges, one culvert andthe construction of a subway with lifts.

The modernization in the section of Olbramovice (excluding) – Bystřice included the construction of five railway bridges, nine culverts and access roads for medical and rescue assistance in case of accidents in the tunnel.

The implementation of the Modernization of the Votice - Benešov u Prahy line is carried out by the association of three firms called VoBen. The association members are Subterra a.s., Viamont DSP, a.s. and EUROVIA CS, a.s., which is the leadingmember.

Technical data:


Length of the modernized section

18,405 km

Substructure rehabilitation

39,813 km

Set-up of new track UIC 60

36,830 km

Set-up of reusable rail S 49

5,687 km

Set-up of switches UIC 60


Set-up of switches S 49


Built-up spaceof ground structures

3,126 m3

Rebuilding and rehabilitation of railway bridges


New railway bridges


New railway culverts


Railway bridges cancelled


Rebuilding and rehabilitation of road bridges


New road bridges


New road culverts


Road bridges cancelled


Total length of double-track tunnels

2,690 km

Total to be pierced

1,716 km

Total to be excavated

0,974 km

Cubage of earthworks

2,310,618 m3

Regulation of the overhead contact line

18,344 km

Two-way automatic electronic block

18,4 km

New  walls


Total investment cost: CZK 6,756,893,000

Commencement: 08/2009
Completion: 12/2013

Name of the construction project: Modernization of the Votice - Benešov u Prahy line
Investor of the construction project: Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Main developer: SUDOP Praha, a.s.
Implementation: Association VoBen: EUROVIA CS, a.s., Subterra a.s. and Viamont DSP, a.s.

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