Modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy finished. Passengers can look forward to higher speed, new tunnels and better comfort during the journey.


13 June 2013 – Modernization of the Votice – Benešov u Prahy line section was festively finished today. This construction, situated on the territory of Central Bohemia Region, is part of the Trans-European Network and national Rail Corridor IV Děčín state border - Praha – Benešov – Tábor – Veselí n. Lužnicí – České Budějovice – Horní Dvořiště state border. The construction ”Modernization of the line Votice - Benešov u Prahy“ starts at km 114.763 in front of the Votice railway station and ends in front of the Benešov u Prahy railway station at km 133.235 where it connects to the already finished construction ”Optimization of the line Benešov u Prahy – Strančice“. As a construction, the section comprises a double-track line 18.405 km long.



During the construction the existing single-track line section got a second track as well as considerable speed increase up to 160 km/h. This objective could not be achieved on the existing track bed, therefore extensive track shifts are also part of the construction. New double-track tunnels also originated within these shifts, namely the Votice tunnel (590 m), Olbramovice tunnel (480 m), Zahradnický tunnel (1 044 m), Tomický tunnel (324 m) and Tomický tunnel II (252 m). ”This construction is part of the corridor line Děčín – Praha – Tábor – České Budějovice. Its termination will shorten journey times even more and comfort for passengers travelling between these two cities will increase,“ says Petr Šlegr, Deputy Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration for modernization about the finished construction benefits. ”When the whole corridor is finished, the journey from Praha to Tábor should take for instance 63 minutes only. Passengers travelling from Prague will arrive to České Budějovice in 92 minutes,“ adds Mr. Petr Šlegr.

Modernized railway stations and stops are now equipped with new platforms with overbridge access  together with a modern information system, radio, station roofs and other equipment elements of the railway. All of this increases comfort for the travelling public considerably. The former passing point Tomice and the Bystřice railway station were reconstructed to stops. Limiting negative impacts from railway operation on the neighbourhood is an integral part of the construction as well, being achieved by constructing anti-noise barriers in contact with settled territory and exchanging better soundproof windows in designated buildings.

Finishing works on sections newly put into operation were already taking place this year as well as recultivation works on abandoned sections of the original route; e.g. construction sites were dismantled, interoperability or verification of anti-noise measures effectiveness were being assessed. Based on a positive result of pantograph testing, projected speed up to 160 km/h has been introduced on 5 April 2013.

The construction supplier based on a public tender is  ”Sdružení VoBen (Association VoBen),“ the leading association member being Eurovia CS a.s. and other members being Subterra a.s. and Viamont DSP a.s. The construction started in August 2009 and pursuant to the contract for work it was terminated on 31 May 2013.

The construction is co-financed by 71,20 % by the EU from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport, the maximum EU financial contribution approved for this projects amounts to 4.081.436,955 CZK. National resources were provided by the State Transport Infrastructure Fund (SFDI).
Total construction costs approved amount to 6.757.000,000 CZK.

Basic data  
Track speed  
  Fro classical train sets 100 - 160 km.h-1
  For train sets with tilting bodies 125 - 160  km.h-1
Track construction  
  UIC 60 new with baseplateless fastening 36 830 m
  S°49 used with rigrid fastening 5 687 m
Switch construction  
  UIC 60 new on concrete sleepers 20 pcs
  S°49 new (used preferentially) 16 pcs
Redevelopment of  rail substructure  
  in total 39 813 km
Island type platform in station 1 x 294 m
  New 1 x 300 m
External platform in station
3 x 220 m
External platform in stop 2 x 220 m
  New 2 x 140 m
Railway bridges, culverts and underpasses  
  railway bridges 20 pcs
  signal bridges 3 pcs
  water channels 16 pcs
  walls 3 pcs
  underpasses 2 pcs
  road overpass 8 pcs
Track safety equipment
Electronic automatic block
In whole construction length
Traction line construction  
  total length of double tracked line 43, 860 km
Manpower savings 34 persons
Construction extent  
  New stationing 114, 763 - 133, 235
  Section length 18, 406 km




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