Start of the Modernization Votice - Benešov u Prahy


Festive opening of the Modernization of the railway section Votice - Benešov u Prahy

Benešov, 15/03/2010 – the Modernization of another section Votice - Benešov u Prahy festively started. The construction is part of the Trans-European Railway Network and of the IV National Railway Corridor Děčín state border - Prague - Benešov - Tábor - Veselí n. Lužnicí - České Budějovice - Horní Dvořiště state border.  It will be most beneficial to achieve the safe passage capability of rail vehicles of D4 UIC track class , UIC – GC loading gauge, to provide requested track capacity and to enhance the maximum line speed of up to 160 km/hour. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General commented on this festive occasion: "The objective of this modernization is to turn the current single-track section into double-track together with the construction of tunnels, which will substantially cut the length of the line, enhance the line capacity and increase the speed of  the passing train sets. In railway stations there will be new platforms with grade-separated access with shelters and a contemporary information system."

The relevant construction section Votice (inclusive) - Benešov u Prahy (exclusive) is part of the railway section Tábor - Benešov u Prahy. This section was built around 1870 as single-track. In the section Votice - Benešov u Prahy there will be full reconstruction of the trackage, railway superstructure and substructure, platforms, artificial structures and the modernization of the signalling, communication and heavy-current systems as a follow-up to the optimization of the railway section Benešov u Prahy - Strančice.

The railway stations Votice and Olbramovice will be reconstructed as well as new technological buildings and the current station buildings. The current passing loop Tomice and the railway station Bystřice will be rebuilt to train stops with new contemporary platforms. The implementation of the Modernization of the railway section Votice - Benešov u Prahy is carried out by the association of three firms called VoBen. The association members are Subterra a.s., Viamont DSP, a.s. and EUROVIA CS, a.s. which is the chief member. "For our company it is significant to be able to participate in this project. In the previous years we were involved in the optimization of the section between Strančice and Prague Hostivař which is also included in the IV Railway Transit Corridor; i.e. we are well-acquainted with local conditions," said Ing. Martin Borovka, Chairman of the Managing Board and Director General of EUROVIA CS.

Within the line relocations there will be new double-track tunnels, namely Votický (590 m), Olbramovický (480 m), Zahradnický (1044 m), Tomický (324 m) and Tomický II (252 m). Along the whole section a new contact line system will be installed. Multi-kilometre heavy-current and light-current cable lines will be built to allow the operation of new technological devices. The construction will also call for extensive relocations of engineering utilities. The implementation itself proceeds only with the most inevitable possessions of the railway operation. At railway stations, tracks will be closed in one group only – odd or even - so that the railway operation can be maintained.

In order to reduce the noise load level for residential areas near the railway noise barriers and mounds will be set up; in some buildings windows will be replaced with those with higher soundproofing.

Prior to continuous closures, due to connecting the current line to new relocations or due to the new alignment of the track at railway stations, there will be preparatory works focusing on setting up the foundations of the overhead line masts and their subsequent fixation. In addition to that, noise barriers will be set up; there will be modifications of earthworks drainage and engineering utilities which cross the railway line.

Technical data

  • Length of the modernized section: 18,405 km
  • Rehabilitation of substructure: 39,813 km
  • Installation of a new track UIC 60: 36,830 km
  • Installation of an applied track S 49: 5,687 km
  • Installation of switches UIC 60: 20
  • Installation of switches S 49: 16
  • Built-up space of ground structures: 3 126 m3
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of railway bridges: 17
  • New railway bridges: 3
  • New railway culverts: 6
  • Cancelled railway bridges: 3
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of road bridges: 6
  • New road bridges: 2
  • New road culverts: 5
  • Cancelled road bridges: 1
  • Total length of double-track tunnels: 2,690 km
  • Dug-out total: 1,716 km
  • Excavated total: 0,974 km
  • Capacity of earthwork: 2 310 618 m3
  • Modifications of the contact line system: 18,344 km
  • Bi-directional electronic automatic block: 18,4 km
  • New walls: 6

Other data

  • Total investment cost: CZK 6 756 893 000
  • Start: August 2009
  • Deadline: December 2013
  • Title of the construction: Modernization of the railway section Votice - Benešov u Prahy
  • Investor of the construction: Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
  • General developer: SUDOP Praha, a.s.
  • Implementation: Association VoBen: EUROVIA CS, a. s., Subterra a. s. and Viamont DSP, a. s.

Financial means were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. At the same time, co-funding of this project by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport was applied for, where the planned subsidy from the Cohesion Fund amounts to CZK 4 085 845 894. The Grant request was approved by the Ministry of Transport ČR in November 2009 and it will be followed by an approval procedure at the level of the European Commission.

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