Trains between Vsetín and Horní Lideč running already on reconstructed track


Vsetín, 16 December 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration completed the reconstruction of the line Vsetín – Horní Lideč in the section Vsetín - Valašská Polanka. Repairs of a track 1,200 metres long were carried out within a period of three months by the Association Vsetín–Lideč with Subterra a.s. as a leading partner. A considerable part of works included replacing railway superstructure and repairs of two steel bridges.



The above-mentioned line section is part of the TEN-T network and an important connection to Slovakia. Main construction works on this section started this September. Along the whole line in construction, original sleepers were replaced by concrete ones, tracks were exchanged and subsequently welded into a continuous rail, thus enabling calmer train rides. Sanitation of the rail substructure including dewatering was part of the works as well.

The line section includes two steel bridges, crossing a road and the Senice water stream. Sanitation was carried out on both bridges’ abutment and their bearings were exchanged. The first one was completely dismantled and carried to Ústí u Vsetína for surface adaptations to be made. Repairs of the Senice stream bridge were much more complicated as the steel construction could be only lifted for bearings’ exchange. In this case, surface adaptations were carried out on the spot. Beside that several corroded bridge parts were exchanged.

Together with track reconstruction, adaptations of safety installations took place as well, including relaying of rail cables and a complete replacement of the overhead line. This led to a decrease of costs for railway line maintenance and an increase of operation safety. The section between Vsetín and Horní Lideč is prepared for a speed increase, however it will be not fully used until related constructions are finished.

The project has been submitted for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport for the programme period 2007–2013. The remaining costs will be financed from resources of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Construction Designation Reconstruction of track No 1 in km 34.120–35.300 of the line Vsetín – Horní Lideč
Construction Investor  Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
General Designer SUDOP Brno, spol. s.r.o.
Supplier Association Vsetín – Lideč (leading partner: Subterra a.s., Association member Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.)
Construction start and ending km 34.120–35.300
Speed 80 km/h (max. 95 km/h)
Tracks length 1,210 metres
New signalling 2 pc
Term of start 09/2013
Term of completion 11/2013
Costs for construction’s implementation (VAT excluded) 37.278,221 CZK
(tendered price of supplier)



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