New tracks in Česká Kubice


Festive completion of the tracks and switches reconstruction at the railway station Česká Kubice

Česká Kubice, 18/06/2009 – Safe and reliable railway operation – this is one of the objectives of the construction Reconstruction of tracks and switches at the railway station Česká Kubice which has reached its festive completion today. Nowadays, the railway station has contemporary technical parameters of rail arrangement and at the same time it offers a higher level of comfort for the public.

The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization. Ing. Miroslav Konečný, SŽDC Deputy Director General for Rail Modernization said: "The railway station Česká Kubice is in terms of railway infrastructure a significant transit station to the Federal Republic of Germany and this fact affected the whole preparation of this construction. The implemented modification of the trackage configuration has fully responded to contemporary demands on the transport and at the same time it has allowed building two modern platforms at the station."

The project, which started in May 2008, focused on the reconstruction of the railway superstructure and substructure in order to provide standard technical conditions and on other works furthering the enhancement of technical parameters of the railway station. Also, a new drainage system of the whole station was built. In total, 13 switches were removed, 11 switches were reconstructed. Ten switches have the shape of J49 II generation on concrete sleepers, out of which 4 switches on the main track are designed with a channel sleeper.

The station tracks No. 1 and 2 were also reconstructed with a new material S49, with elastic fastening; the tracks No. 3 and 4 were reconstructed with the applied material S49. The tracks including switch parts were welded into continuous welded rail. The present speed on station tracks remains unchanged, 70 km/h on the main track, 50 km/h on the other through tracks.

A crucial task for the passenger transport consisted in building new platforms, i.e. platform No.1 near the station building (track No. 2) and platform No. 2 near the track No. 1 in a new setting. The length of both platforms is 140 m, width 3 m, which meets required parameters for comfortable boarding/exit (height of the platform edge 550 mm over the top of rail) and good orientation (navigation strips). There are also completely new access paths and lighting, which facilitates movement of disabled people. "Railway stations always represent the first contact of passengers with the railway which is why I am happy that we could participate in the reconstruction of the railway station Česká Kubice and thus contribute to enhancing the quality of conditions for the public not only in the Plzeňský region," said Ing. Ivan Míšek, Chairman of the Board of Directors and EDIKT a. s. Director General – a company that is the chief association of contractors.

The station interlocking system is a type of central electronic interlocking unit with a unified control place in a station dispatcher room and it is based on computer control. The switches are equipped with electromotive point machines, signals are new, free scope of individual sections is provided by an axle counter. The construction also solved the link-up to the track signalling equipment in the direction to Domažlice and Furt im Wald.

Technological equipment like interlocking equipment box, a room for reserve storage battery and for information system equipment, also a storehouse and a room for maintenance are mainly located in the recently built building. A power supply transformer station was built within the implementation of power-circuit wiring and equipment.

The tender dossier for the construction was developed by the company H-PRO Ltd. and following the tender procedure the contractor became the association called Česká Kubice represented by EDIKT a. s. as the leading member of the association and AŽD Praha s. r. o. and EUROVIA CS, a. s. The construction was completed according to the working schedule in May 2009.

The financial means for this project were granted by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure (SFTI), with a co-funding by EU funds under the Operational Program Transport. The total investment costs without VAT will amount to ca CZK 206,6 MM in the final account, out of which the price for the implementation itself without VAT is ca CZK 185 MM. The share of OPD EU funds represents 84.15% of the eligible costs, with a limit amount of CZK 155,055 MM.

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