Continuing modernisation of the line through Úvaly brings changes in trains running


Prague, 27 February 2015 – Modernisation of the line section Praha-Běchovice – Úvaly enters a new phase on Tuesday 3 March. One of its parts will consist in repairing the double-track bridge at Úvaly railway station which will have as result a considerable decrease of the line capacity. For this reason, the number of selected trains running through this station will be reduced.  

Works within the nearest construction phase at Úvaly Station are planned up to 29 June 2015. They will consist mostly of a double-track bridge reconstruction together with the bridge arch’s repairs. Besides that, the remaining part of the trackage and the underpass in direction to the current passenger building is going to be modernised.

Changes in trains running on the railway line between Praha and Kolín were prepared in accordance with the yearly closures plan. Based on a technological evaluation of the operation mentioned above, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) in agreement with the carriers concerned adopted measures in the relevant timetables. A change of the time schedule occurred almost for all regional trains. 75 long-distance trains in total will be deviated through Lysá nad Labem. Trains servicing Praha-Libeň Station which have been deviated will stop for passengers’ boarding and leaving at Praha-Vysočany Station.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared all transport measures in cooperation with carriers not only with respect to technical possibilities of the infrastructure during the period of limited operation but also in consideration of passengers’ traffic flows especially in the long-distance transport segment. In the morning, trains with priority to Praha are being led on the line Praha – Kolín through Úvaly, as it is shorter and faster that the deviation through Lysá nad Labem, In the afternoon, trains in the other direction are being led on this line.

The Railway Infrastructure Administration informs passengers already at all affected stations on changes in trains running that come into being as of 3 March, both by publishing lines closures timetables and through the station announcement system. To get up-to-date information on trains leading we advise all passengers to follow closely the particular carriers’ websites.


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