Planned repair of the viaduct in the centre of Brno will affect train operation


Brno, June 25th 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration will start reconstruction of the viaduct Křenová in the centre of Brno in the middle of July that will take nearly a month. Necessary works will require complete interruption of operation on a very busy junction between railway stations Brno central station and Brno-Židenice station that is used by both, long-distance and regional trains. It is however not he only action influencing the operation of trains mainly in the period of summer holidays.

Repair of the viaduct Křenová (13.07.–11.08.2013)

During this traffic closure in the Brno central station, works on the viaduct Křenová will be executed, and also repairs of the track superstructure of the northern cutwater situated on the viaduct will take place. Directly on it, water insulation and drainage system will be reconditioned, and mouldings, support structure, and substructure will be reconstructed due to masonry degradation. It was caused by running water, which has subsequently destruction effects under freezing conditions in the winter period. Railway and road transportation would be jeopardized without these repairs.

Within reconstruction of the northern cutwater, the existing track superstructure will be removed, including pint switches and switch structures on the viaduct and in adjacent areas. A new track superstructure will be developed, and four point switches will be fitted with electric heating. In addition, 500 m of new rails will be used.

Due to long-distance passenger transportation that will bypass the Brno central station through the freight track, the carrier České dráhy claims that international trains would stop at the Brno lower station. For this reason a provisory platform will be developed here with the length of 200 m, which will serve for the closure period only. It will be built instead of the rail track no. 3 and provided with a shelter. Passengers will be able to use a barrier-free access and information system.

Repair of the Great Prštický Tunnel (13.06.–20.09.2013)

Works follow the reconstruction in portal sections within previous constructions. Tunnel repair aims to prevent water leakage and subsequent ice formation with reduced space capacity. In the worst tunnel section, in the length of approximately 76 m, planar leakage through the stone lining of the arch and very bad condition of the sandstone masonry do not enable more economical solution, but to build in a new lining with intermediate insulation. This insulation would drain water to the tunnel gutter that was developed during previous construction works. In other sections of the tunnel, new drainage ditches will be created and jointing a grouting of the lining will be carried out.

The project also includes modification of the drainage system above the tunnel and adjacent channel on the right side of the rail track to avoid storm water infiltration into the channel slope around the slide, which has already been redeveloped. This construction works will ensure further safe operation of the tunnel.

Repairs on the railway track Brno – Vyškov (13.07.–11.08.2013) 

Timing of this closure coincides with the closure of the northern cutwater in the Brno central station. It relates to repairs of the bridge on the Brno cutwater of the Vyškov station. The scope of repairs will be similar as for the viaduct Křenová; complete water insulation and drainage system reconditioning will be carried out in here. The existing mouldings falling into pieces will be replaced with new ones in the entire length.

Concurrently, complete or partial restoration of several point switches in the Vyškov station will take place, 3 km of rails will be replaced in the inter-station section Holubice – Rousínov, rails will be repaired and vegetation removed in the Blažovice station, and rail position corrections and minor works in other sections will be carried out.


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