New Repaired Passenger Building in Kuřim Serves Passengers


After an extensive modernization, the passenger building at Kuřim railway station became a truly representative entrance gate into the city, situated in the Brno region. The construction took approximately one year, during which both the exterior (facade, roof and doors) and the interior was changed extensively. The reconstruction was carried out by the association bearing the name HSM + ChT – Rekonstrukce VB Kuřim, consisting of the companies Hroší stavby Morava and Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice. Total costs amounted to a sum of CZK 19.7 million. The investor was Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC).

Every day, 3,200 passengers on average pass through Kuřim railway station which rates it on the scale of the most heavily used Czech and Moravian railway stations to the beginning of the ninth dozen. The passenger building reconstruction took up the construction part of barrier-free access and opening the underpass from the northern part of the city, carried out in 2014 in cooperation with the city of Kuřim, České dráhy and SŽDC. Last year, the infrastructure manager launched a reconstruction of the passenger building as such as a continuation of the completed station part modernization.

Reconstruction of the building included adaptations of internal premises serving as a waiting room and for passengers’ handling, i.e. the station hall and cash desks, dispositional arrangements of workplaces and background for station employees. Besides cash desks, a new room for complementary services for passengers was opened with entrance from the station hall; the city of Kuřim is interested in opening its information centre there. Other works in the interior were related mostly to surface renewal, installation distribution networks and technical equipment within the building.

The external appearance of the building was affected especially by works on the facade with thermal insulation; a new roof coating and the exchange of windows and doors allowed to optimize power economy in the whole building. The external perron stairs on the street side of the building and strengthened surface on the trackage side including the roofing was reconstructed as well. A lengthwise railing and a wooden lamellar wall was installed along the building to increase passengers’ safety.

Using wooden components for the roofing’s lower ceiling was necessary to preserve the original material layout of the building from the fifties of the 20th century as the architect wished to proceed in this way. This resulted in his proposal to build a wooden lamellar separating wall on the strengthened surface between the building and the trackage. 


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