Loket Has a Completely Repaired Railway Station


Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) festively handed over a repaired station building to representatives of the city of Loket. Many tourists arrive here by train especially in summer; now they have a quite new railway station at their disposal. By completely repairing the historical building, SŽDC contributed to a travelling culture increase in Karlovy Vary Region.

The reconstruction started at the end of last year with a cost over CZK 5.3 million. The building acquired not only a new facade; the roof was repaired as well and workers exchanged all windows and doors. This allowed it to serve passengers for several more dozens of years. The historical building includes two flats, the tourist club “Junák” is situated on the ground floor. At the same time, SŽDC leads discussions with city representatives on further use of the building. A reconstruction of premises in front of the station will take up the finalized works on the building. This reconstruction is being prepared by the Loket city hall which will build a background for changing trains and parking to serve citizens and visitors of the city.

”I am pleased that life can gradually return to the repaired station buildings. In some regions, offices of the Czech Police are already situated at railway stations, elsewhere we negotiate on offices’ lease e.g. with financial control bodies. Here in Loket, the local tourists created their clubroom in the building. Passenger buildings thus regain their original importance from times when they served not only as a waiting room for trains but also as important centres of social events“, says Mr. Tomáš Drmola, Deputy Director General for Assets Management.

The average daily frequency in Loket is 280 passengers. Especially during summer months it is an important transport node on tourist routes for water sportsmen and cyclists using regional backbone cycling roads as well as other visitors of the city of Loket. They visit not only listed buildings in the city centre but also a unique amphitheatre where many cultural events take place. The railway station serves therefore as an important transport connection.

Last week, SŽDC completed repairs of a passenger building at Kynšperk nad Ohří in Karlovy Vary Region for a price of almost CZK eight million. Repairs of the passenger building at Sokolov railway station which should be completed this September remain the most important project in the region.


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