Festive Completion of the Electrification of the railway section Zábřeh - Šumperk


Zábřeh, 4th May 2010 – The two-year construction work of the Electrification of the railway section Zábřeh – Šumperk was festively accomplished and produced a modern electrified line with parameters for the European railway transport of the 21st Century. The benefits of the line electrification are the decrease in ecological impacts and faster and smoother operation. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General stressed on the occasion of today´s festive completion of the construction: „The accomplishment of the project does not consist only in the line electrification itself but also in the enhancement of the operation safety, travelling comfort and accessibility of the railway transport for disabled persons partially by removing barrier accesses. The quality of service in the passenger transport was thus markedly improved.“

The railway section Zábřeh na Moravě – Šumperk is in local conditions of the railway passenger transport a common follow-up to the main line in the direction from Olomouc. Most passengers at the station Zábřeh na Moravě changed trains to the branch line – direction to Šumperk, where the passenger transport was operated by engine units. The direct service between Brno, Olomouc, Přerov, Prostějov and Šumperk was prevented by the remaining non-electrified railway section between Zábřeh na Moravě and Šumperk.

In line with the global objective of the European Union – priority axis 3, i.e. improving the quality of the railway transport on the network outside the main European network TEN-T, the enhanced transport accessibility and lower external impacts of the transport were achieved. The Electrification of the railway section Zábřeh – Šumperk is a linear transport construction and its primary purpose was the electrification of the existing single-track line. Besides installing a new contact line system, it involved the reconstruction of the railway tracks, i.e. necessary reconstruction of the superstructure and substructure as well as related bridge structures and culverts.  Signalling, communication and power-generating equipment have been upgraded as well.

The length of the reconstructed section is nearly 13,5 km. Prior to the reconstruction, the line speed was 70 to 80 km/hour, after the implementation 80 to 100 km/hour. The reconstruction of the superstructure was carried out with a new shape S 49 in the length of 12,572 m, restored material in the length of 4,136 m. New platforms in the train stop Zábřeh na Moravě and at the railway stations Postřelmov, Bludov and Šumperk are now 550 mm over the top of rail, which provides a more comfortable access and exit. The platform structure meets requirements for a safe movement of the visually-impaired and disabled persons. There is also a barrier-free access to the platform (except the railway stations Bludov and Šumperk), without crossing the main running track. At the railway station Postřelmov, the access to the island platform is grade-separated and the passengers are provided with a recently built subway.

The reconstruction of bridge structures for the load capacity class D4 was carried out with 12 bridges and 15 culverts. 12 level crossings and 2 pedestrian crossings have been reconstructed. One level crossing has been cancelled. All level crossings and pedestrian crossings are secured with flashing light crossing signals (13 altogether). The modernization of the communication signalling system of the top 3rd category – electronic interlocking – was carried out at three railway stations; the line safety and signalling installation of the same category was implemented in the length of 7 720 m. 29 switch units are fitted with a new station safety and signalling installation of the 3rd category.  

Furthermore, there was a reconstruction of the telecommunication equipment, comprising replacing the track cable, burying a new fibre-optic cable, upgrading the station announcement system at 3 stations and at 1 train stop, electric fire alarm system and electric signalling system.  The low-voltage distributions and the electric switch heating have been newly built or reconstructed.

A new traction substation was built at the railway station Šumperk and 11 standardized relay cabins were built along the line. In addition to that, new prefabricated noise barriers have been built and individual noise-protection measures have been applied as well.

The developer of the Electrification of the railway section Zábřeh – Šumperk was MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc, joint-stock company. The implementation was carried out by the Association Zábřeh – Šumperk, whose chief member was EUROVIA CS, a. s. Other members of the association are Skanska, joint-stock company and Eiffage Construction Česká republika, Ltd.

The cost of the project totals CZK 1 754 718 342, the funds were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. Simultaneously, the co-funding of this project by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport has been requested; the planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund represents CZK 1 208 538 132. The Funding Request has been approved by the Ministry of Transport CR in October and soon there will be an assent procedure at the level of the European Commission.


Technical data  
Length of the reconstructed section 13,460 m
Length of electrified lines 22,350 m
Reconstructed bridges for the load capacity D4 12
Reconstructed culverts 15
Reconstructed level crossings 12
Reconstructed pedestrian crossings 2
Cancelled level crossings 1
Reconstructed switches 29
Implemented level crossing safety installation 13
Burying a track cable 16,700 m
Burying a fibre-optic cable 14,250 m
Implementation of the electric switch heating 42
Noise barriers 2,423 m
Individual noise-protection measures 21 structures
Start June 2008
Completion April 2010



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