Festive Launch of „Thoroughfare through Pilsen Junction in the Direction of III Railway Transit Corridor“


Prague, 25 November 2011 – another important phase of the modernization of the Czech railway was festively launched. The construction „Thoroughfare through Pilsen Junction in the direction of III RTC“ deals with the issues of the western section of the junction from the western gridiron of the passenger station of Pilsen main station to the western gridiron of the current railway station Pilsen South Suburb including the new bridging of the Radbuza River, Prokopova St., Vejprnicky Creek and Vejprnicka St. The construction also includes a double-sided extended subway for passengers in the railway station Pilsen main station. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, SŽDC´s Executive Director, commented on today´s festive occasion: “This construction means a breakthrough mainly due to substantial price cut as a result of a tender. As opposed to original assumptions, savings of approximately CZK 600 million were eventually achieved.“ The construction belongs to the complex of important constructions within the modernization of III Railway Transit Corridor which includes the track section running from the state border with Germany via Cheb, Stříbro, Pilsen, Rokycany, Beroun to Prague, Pardubice, Česká Třebová, Olomouc and Bohumín. The purpose of the construction is to put the railway line and related constructions and installations in the technical conditions complying with the European parameters and standards. These parameters result from international agreements AGC and AGTC that the Czech Republic advocates.

In terms of the international passenger and freight transport, the track section Prague – Pilsen – Cheb stands for an important connection with Germany and other Western European countries. Within the domestic long-distance passenger transportation, the line connects important centres of Central Bohemia and the Pilsen Region.

The projected modernization is based on a target solution expecting that two double-track railway lines will be running from the railway station Pilsen main station – a corridor line to Cheb and a double-track line with the designed line speed of 200 km/h in the direction of Domažlice and further to Western Europe. Within the scope of this construction, a modernized track facility will be connected with the western gridiron of Pilsen main station in a transient state which will be called off during the construction of the passenger station in the Pilsen Junction.

The construction also deals with the modification and the construction of platforms in the current railway station Pilsen South Suburb including a barrier-free access and subways in the railway station Pilsen main station, the upgrade of the telecommunication and signalling installations regarding the prospective and transient state of the track facility, laying of new telecommunication cables, the cable duct in the railway station Pilsen South Suburb, the installation of the contact line system and noise protection measures.

The funds for this project have been provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The essential part of the co-funding has been planned from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport, which is why a request for the co-funding of this construction from this fund has been submitted to the Managing Body of the Operational Programme Transport this year. The EU contribution may represent up to 85 % of the eligible cost.

The lowest price bid within the tender for the contractor has been presented by Skanska a.s. and represents CZK 942,259,035 million. The project documentation has been developed by the joint-stock company SUDOP Praha.

Launch of the construction: October 2011, completion of the main work: September 2013 (full completion March 2014).

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