Optimization Zbiroh - Rokycany started


Festive opening of the Optimization of the railway section Zbiroh – Rokycany

Pilsen, 3r November 2009 – Another significant section of the III Railway Transit Corridor has been festively opened. This construction is called the Optimization of the section Zbiroh – Rokycany. Works started in June this year with the reconstruction of the railway station Rokycany. The Ist phase has been completed here. The completion of the whole Optimization of the section between Zbiroh and Rokycany is scheduled for 2012.

The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. "The railway section is going to be optimized for the speed of up to 130 km/h for standard sets and for the maximum speed of 160 km/h for tilting boxes. The construction deals with the optimization of the current section Prague – Pilsen in the section Zbiroh (inclusive) – Rokycany (inclusive) which mainly consists of the modification of the alignment and the profile of the line for speed enhancement, of the replacement of superstructure and the rehabilitation of substructure", said Ing. Miroslav Konečný, SŽDC Deputy Director General for Rail Modernization.

The construction also includes modernization of the communication and signalling equipment, extensive modifications of the electrification of the railway section with the AC 25 kV traction system and other related works. The scope of the construction is from km 66,820, where it follows up with the ongoing construction Beroun – Zbiroh, to km 88,063. The length of the optimized section is ca 21 km and includes four railway stations: Zbiroh, Kařízek, Holoubkov, Rokycany and two train stops Mýto and Svojkovice.

As mentioned before, the 1st phase (as of 28th September) has been completed at the railway station Rokycany. On the odd group of tracks at the railway station Rokycany the construction of the second part of the underpass and the bridge near Sokol Hall has been completed (the underpass has been funded by Rokycany). There is still ongoing construction of the new bridging over the Klabava river (the original bridge will be replaced with a bridge with three arches as a result of flood-protection measures). "Currently, works proceed during a permanent track possession on an even-numbered track group at the railway station Rokycany, i.e. building of the second island platform including a lift and a pedestrian underpass," said Ing. Jan Mitlöhner, design manager of the company Skanska DS a.s.

Works also proceed with the communication and signalling equipment and with new installations for the contact line system, drainage and cable duct. At present, passengers need to tolerate a complicated access to trains due to ongoing construction works at the railway station Rokycany; this temporary restriction, however, will fully make it up with better comfort and enhanced safety in the station after the completion of the construction. This year possession works will be completed on 4th December by a test run launched by the Rail Authority, other works (without the track possession) will be interrupted on 20th December.

The contractor of the construction is the association called Skanska-Eurovia-Subterra. The members of the association are: Skanska DS a.s. (the chief member), Eurovia CS a.s. and Subterra a.s.). The total capital costs of the implementation amount to CZK 4 530 079 000.

The construction is proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport through the Cohesion Fund. The EU contribution related to this project may amount to 73.69 % of the eligible costs.

A contract has been concluded with Rokycany on granting a block subsidy at the amount of CZK 18.5 MM. earmarked for building two underpasses.

Technical parameters of the optimized section

  • Railway superstructure UIC 60: 42,7 km
  • Railway superstructure S49: 4,5 km


  • Dismantling: 83
  • New UIC 60: 35
  • New S 49 2nd Generation: 11
  • Applied S 49: 6
  • Cancelled: 36


  • Island (2x 300 m, 2x170 m) total 940 m
  • Side-boarding (1x 115 m, 6x 170 m, 2x300 m) total 1735 m

Bridges, culverts

  • New structures of railway bridges: 14
  • Rehabilitation of railway bridges: 4
  • Road bridge over the railway – reconstruction: 2
  • Road bridge over the railway – new construction: 1
  • Footbridge: 2
  • New underpass: 4 of which 2 are investments from MÚ Rokycany
  • Reconstructed underpass: 1
  • Culverts adjustment: 25
  • New culvert: 1

Safety and signalling equipment

  • Electronic interlocking: 4
  • Protected switch units: 66
  • Protected level crossings: 1
  • Protected crossings: 1

Heavy-current equipment

  • Electric switch heating: 39
  • Transformer sub-stations powered from the contact line system: 8
  • Transformer sub-stations 22/0,4kV: 3
  • Reconstruction of a traction transformer sub-stations 110/25kV: 1
  • Overall length of the contact line system: 52,1 km


  • Noise absorbing barriers: 14,5 km
  • New ground structures (for technology): 6
  • Level crossing: 1
  • Pedestrian crossing: 1

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