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Latest information on the operation on railway lines in the Czech Republic after the floods

Joint Press Release of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Czech Railways

Prague, 1st July 2009 – The operation on the railway network of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) in the Czech Republic is gradually improving after the floods last week. Yesterday evening the traffic was restored on another damaged track running from Suchdol nad Odrou to Nový Jičín. The operation on 4 regional lines is still interrupted and the operation on the corridor line Přerov – Ostrava in the section of Hranice na Moravě – Suchdol nad Odrou remains restricted to one rail as well.

The traffic continues to be interrupted on the following regional lines. Bus transportation service is provided:

  • KJŘ No. 323, Valašské Meziříčí – Ostrava in the section of Valašské Meziříčí – Hostašovice
  • KJŘ No. 326, Hostašovice – Nový Jičín upper station
  • KJŘ No.. 295, Lipová Lázně – Javorník ve Slezsku in the section of Vápenná – Javorník ve Slezsku
  • KJŘ No. 296, Velká Kraš – Vidnava
  • KJŘ No. 198, Volary – Strakonice in the section of Lčovice – Volyně

Note: KJŘ- printed timetable

Due to the provided alternative transport, the delay on these lines fluctuates approximately between 5 up to 10 minutes. The aforementioned tracks are being restored to be put in operation soon. With regard to the scope of the track damage it is impossible to specify the deadline of the final restoration.

On the main corridor line between Přerov and Ostrava in the section of Hranice na Moravě – Suchdol nad Odrou the operation is still provided on one track only under limited speed. Most trains are operated on this line, only a few express trains from Brno and the EC Devin from Bratislava terminate in Přerov or in Hranice na Moravě and the passengers can use other train connections on this line for their next journey. Considering this limitation, some 15 minutes of train delays can be expected. The operation on both tracks in the section of Hranice na Moravě – Polom shall be restored within the next 14 days. The section of Suchdol nad Odrou, where earthwork structure and two bridges were severely damaged, shall be reopened no sooner than in September this year.

With regard to the current weather forecast and warnings of meteorologists against torrential rains and local floods we recommend that all passengers keep checking latest information on the actual traffic situation on the railway. The information is available on the websites provoz.szdc.cz or www.cd.cz/omezeniprovozu or you can call the information phone line 840 112 113.

All passengers in the Czech Republic can also check the actual state of the train connection, in particular for the trains coming from the affected areas and based on this information they may reconsider their original itinerary. This information is available on the website of the Czech Railways www.cd.cz/poloha or it can be received directly to one’s mobile phone through the service of mobile communication operators e.g. in the form of an sms message.

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