Video Camera Recordings at level crossings


Drivers do not respect warning signals!

Olomouc, 24/06/2009 – The monitoring camera system of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization demonstrates risky behaviour of the drivers of motor vehicles at level crossings. The very first camera shots show a hardly believable hazard committed even by professional drivers. They also serve as evidence for BESIP shots of the Ministry of Transport and the Rail Inspection that the accident prevention at the level crossings needs to be promoted within the education of the current and future drivers of motor vehicles.

The camera system has been fully monitoring the situation at three level crossings in the Olomoucký region (after a trial run in December – see the first photo) since April this year. It has been installed at three level crossings in the Olomoucký region equipped with signal lights and in two cases with gates. The camera recordings unequivocally support facts about the serious situation at the level crossings and disprove unfounded complaints of the drivers about the wrong functioning of the level crossing signalling device. It applies to level crossings in the section Přerov – Česká Třebová, on km 189,194 (III class road in Rokytnice) and on km 61,592 (III class road in Králová – Benkov) and to the level crossing on km 98,416 of the section Olomouc main station – Nezamyslice (II class road in Olomouc – Nové Sady).

Camera Launch

Camera recording is launched simultaneously with the warning signal on the current signalling device. It thus records the exact time from the start of the warning till its end. There is also precise identification of time. The recording device consists of a powerful PC used solely for the operation of the camera system. The camera system recordings can be filed if required. The spot with the camera installation is provided with the information that the area is monitored.

An important piece of information says, hopefully not by chance, there has not been any traffic accident at the above-mentioned level crossings since the installation of the camera system.

The project of the camera system was funded by the Regional Authority of the Olomoucký region. The costs of the implementation of the Camera and Recording system at level crossings total CZK 206 000,-.

Among other things, you can view authentic recordings of the camera system on a new website focusing on the prevention of the risky behaviour of drivers at level crossings.

Annex: Recalling basic rules

§ 6 of Act No. 266/1994 Coll. (The Railway Act)

At the level crossing the railway transport is always given way.

Act No. 361/2000 Coll. On the operation on carriageway

Level crossing

§ 28

(1) Close to the level crossing, drivers shall be extremely cautious and particularly they have to make sure whether the level crossing may be crossed safely.

(2) Vehicles approaching the level crossing shall line up in the order of their arrival. If it does not apply to a parallel ride or to the ride pursuant to § 12 Art. 2, vehicles are allowed to cross the level crossing in one traffic line only.(3) 50 m before the level crossing and on it drivers are allowed to go at a maximum speed of 30km/h. If the white interrupted light signal of the level crossing signalling device is on, they are allowed to go at a maximum speed of 50 km/h at the distance of 50 m before the level crossing and on it. On the level crossing drivers are not allowed to unnecessarily prolong the duration of the crossing.

(4) If a vehicle stops on the level crossing, the drivers must remove their vehicle from the railway track,17) and if they are unable to do so, they have to take necessary steps to duly warn other drivers against danger.

(5) Before a level crossing with a traffic sign Stop, give way!, drivers have to stop their vehicles in such a place that gives them a good view of the track.

§ 29

(1) Drivers are not allowed to drive on the level crossing if
a) there is a warning by two red alternating light signals of the level crossing signalling device
b) there is a warning by an interrupted horn or bell sound of the level crossing signalling device,
c) the gate is going down, is down or is going up,
d) an approaching train or another railway vehicle can be seen or heard or if its hooting or beeping can be heard; not to be respected if an interrupted white signal light of the level crossing signalling device is on,
e) a railway employee gives a sign for stopping the vehicle by circling with a red or yellow signal flag and at low visibility by circling with a red light,
f) the situation behind the level crossing does not allow a safe ride.

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