Optimization of the section Zbiroh - Rokycany started


The optimization of the section Zbiroh – Rokycany has been started lately

Prague, 08/07/2009 – The construction Optimization of the section Zbiroh – Rokycany focuses on the modification of the railway section between these railway stations, including the enhancement of the line speed, renovation and building of platforms, enhancement of the axle load, renovation of signalling and communication device etc. It is a linear structure – Optimization of the section of III National Railway Transit Corridor. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

The construction deals with the optimization of the present section Praha – Plzeň in the sub-section Zbiroh (inclusive) – Rokycany (inclusive) which is mainly based on the modification of the alignment and profile of the line in order to enhance the speed, on the replacement of superstructure and rehabilitation of substructure. The construction also includes the modernization of signalling and communication device, extensive modifications of the electrification of the railway section with an AC traction system of 25 kV and other related work. The scope of the construction is from km 66,820, where it follows the construction Beroun (exclusive) – Zbiroh (exclusive), to km 88,063 – the start of the construction Rokycany (exclusive) – Plzeň (exclusive).

The relevant section is ca 21.2 km long and includes four railway stations: Zbiroh, Kařízek, Holoubkov, Rokycany and the train stops Mýto and Svojkovice. The stations Kařízek, Holoubkov and Rokycany are being reconstructed, the railway station Zbiroh is about to be cancelled, there will be a new train stop - Kařez instead.

The whole railway section will be optimized for the speed limit of 130 km/h for standard sets and for the speed limit of 160 km/h for the sets with tilting boxes. The railway station Zbiroh will be cancelled in the interstation section Zbiroh – Kařízek, only the dock will remain and a new unmanned train stop Kařez will be built. In total, 41,371 km of a new railway superstructure UIC 60 will be embedded, out of which 29,956 km in the interstation sections and 11,415 km at the stations. Following a tender procedure, the contractor is an association of firms called Skanska-Eurovia-Subterra. The members of the association are: Skanska DS a.s. (the chief association), Eurovia CS a.s. and Subterra a.s.

The work started at the railway station Rokycany in June this year and according to the working schedule its completion is anticipated for October 2012. The total investment costs of the implementation amount to CZK 4 530 079 000.
The construction is proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Program Transport through the Cohesion Fund. The share may total up to 85% of the eligible cost.

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