Tilting trains can ride between Zbiroh and Rokycany with a speed of 160 km/h


Kařez, 24 October 2013 – Trains between Praha and Plzeň can use in full another modernized section of Rail Transit Corridor III. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) festively finished today the construction Optimization of the line Zbiroh – Rokycany. The result of works that started in 2009 was i.a. putting a new railway stop Kařez into operation. The project worth more than 4 billion Czech crowns was carried out by the association of suppliers under the leadership of the Skanska company. 



The objective of the construction was optimizing a double-track section over 21 kilometres long consisting mostly in adapting the line layout for increasing the current speed  of 80 - 100 km/h, in exchanging railway superstructure and sanitation of railway substructure. The whole line section has been mostly optimized for a speed of 120 km/h for classical train-sets and 160 km/h for train-sets with tilting technology. More distinctive directional layout changes of the tracks occurred in curves between the Kařízek station and the Mýto stop as well as in individual curves in the section Holoubkov – Rokycany.

New railway superstructure on concrete sleepers with elastic fastening and a continuous welded rail has been laid along the whole main track. The overhead line complies with parameters for speeds up to 160 km/h included. Current safety equipment has been replaced by a new one with a possibility of remote control.

The current Zbiroh station was closed within the framework of extensive adaptations (only the operating control point remained) and replaced by a new stop Kařez as a passenger railway station. The set of tracks configuration was adapted in the Kařízek railway station, thus enabling to build an island-type platform between Track No 1 and No 2. Thanks to several tracks’ closure, such a platform could have also been built in the Holoubkov railway station. The Rokycany railway station acquired right two island-type platforms. Bridging of the Klabavka river at the entrance to this station was completely rebuild, namely a five-arch bridge was replaced by a bridge with three arches as a part of flood-protection measures.

The project Optimization of the line Zbiroh – Rokycany was co-financed by 77.06% by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport. The EU contribution amounted up to 2.919.116,594 CZK. Financing from national resources was assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. Moreover, the city of Rokycany provided surplus subsidies for the construction of underpasses The supplier was the association Skanska – Eurovia CS – Subterra under the leadership of the Skanska company.


Construction Designation  
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
General Designer SUDOP Praha, a.s.
Supplier Association Skanska – EUROVIA CS – Subterra,
Association leader: Skanska a.s.
Speed in tracks 120 km/h for classical train-sets
160 km/h for train-sets with tilting technology
Start and end of construction km 66.820 – km 88.063
Term of start 06/2009
Term of finishing 09/2013
Total construction costs 4.530.079,000 CZK
Own investments (VAT excluded) 4.222.900,000 CZK tendered price of the supplier)



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