Zdice - Protivín is controlled long-distance


The railway section Zdice - Protivín is controlled long-distance

Březnice, 07/10/2009 – The rationalization of the section Zdice – Protivín has been festively completed today. The operation on a nearly 90km-long route connecting the Central Bohemian and South Bohemian Region is thanks to up-to-date technology controlled long-distance from a single traffic control centre at the railway station Březnice. The rationalization of the section significantly enhanced the operation safety and helped to accelerate railway traffic. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

Protivínka, the occasional nickname of the track from Zdice via Příbram and Písek to the south-Bohemian Protivín, has recently celebrated 130th anniversary of being put into operation. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General commented on this occasion: "The section Zdice - Protivín has always been a significant regional and national part of our railway network. The rationalization of the section, in particular the launch of a long-distance control and safety enhancement, continued the legacy of railway constructors from the past centuries and established track parameters necessary for up-to-date control and operation of the railway in the 21st Century."

The section is currently equipped with a control and signalling system allowing long-distance control of switches, signal posts and other facilities. The operating traffic controller has latest information on the condition of all technological systems and on the movement of trains in the monitored section.

The railway section Zdice-Protivín was equipped with an up-to-date installation ESA 33 fully utilizing electronic panels EIP (Electronic Interface Panel). It is equipment with contactless interface which makes the installation ESA 33 as a whole most reliable and requires lower demands on the maintenance and built-up area than his forerunner ESA 11. The primary benefit of the EIP panel is its compatibility with other electronic appliances, like axle counters PZN1, track circuits KOA1, automatic block ABE-1 and others. The ESA 33 installation is a system with higher security, fully respecting European standards and prescribed integrity of security SIL-4.

11 stations are currently long-distance controlled thanks to the rationalization: Čížová, Vráž u Písku, Čimelice, Mirovice, Březnice including the junction point Přední Poříčí, Tochovice, Milín, Příbram, Bratkovice, Jince, Lochovice. The long-distance transmission is provided by the new communication system of the signalling equipment KSZZ, equipped with its own diagnostics and recording of work. "The rationalization of lines is becoming a trend around Europe. We are pleased about the fact showing increasing number of recently reconstructed lines equipped with up-to-date technologies which enhance smoothness and safety of the railway operation as well as the quality of transportation for passengers", said Ing. Zdeněk Chrdle, Director General of AŽD Praha.

Under the construction, 39 railway crossings are guaranteed higher level of safety; other 19 were equipped with new signalling installations. There are 103 axle counters PZN-1 on the line. Also, 115 new signal posts and 77 point machines were installed.

The construction also involved partial reconstruction of structures or modifications of level crossings. There is a passenger information system in each railway station on this line. Most stations and train stops are equipped with a surveillance camera system as well.

The contractor of the construction Rationalization of the section Zdice Protivín was the company AŽD Praha, Ltd.

The costs of the implementation total the amount of CZK 425,9 MM. The construction has been funded solely from national sources by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure.

The project documentation was developed by the company SUDOP Praha, a.s. . The construction was being implemented in the period 22.8.2006 - 30.9.2009.

Basic technical data

  • No. of cross-station sections with new line safety and signalling equipment: 12
  • Total number of long-distance controlled railway stations: 11
  • No. of switches with electromotive point machines: 64
  • Total number of switches with electric heating (EOV), long-distance control: 42
  • Total number of level crossings included in the long-distance control of signalling equipment (DOZZ): 58
  • Total number of level crossings with new signalling equipment included in DOZZ: 9
  • No. of recently reconstructed level crossing structures: 10
  • No. of removed expendable switches from the current yard: 23
  • New level crossing structures: 10

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