Project “Railway Transport for Regions” Dealing Mostly with Interregional Demands This Yearhe translation is being prepared.


Last year, the implementation of a common project of Správa železniční dopravní cesty and České dráhy started with basic objectives of promoting common progress while dealing with optimisation of regional transport, increasing effectiveness of railway transport on regional lines, ensuring interconnectivity of railway connections between regions and of regional railway lines with the backbone railway network as well as coordinating concepts of local regional governments, possibilities of the infrastructure and possibilities of the carrier. The dealing’ results were summarised by a nationwide conference held on Monday.

“One of the additional implications of the projects to be implemented up to 2018 by form of regional, interregional and international meetings is to reach an agreement with regions’ representatives on a long-term vision of effectively using each regional line. We must be aware that public transport is a technical as well as a noticeably political issue. It would be advisable if both regions’ representatives and transport experts came to realise this and were able to communicate with each other while creating a system of public transport“, explains Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC.

Within the first year of the project’s implementation, meetings in all administrative regions of the Czech Republic including the capital city of Prague took place. All of them unambiguously demonstrated how useful it is when representatives of parties ordering local transport, i.e. individual regional authorities, the railway infrastructure manager and operator, i.e. SŽDC, and the national carrier, i.e. ČD, meet together at one table. During the first year of the project’s practical implementation, issues of railway transport within the regions were discussed above all..

”Administrative regions are an important partner and customer for České dráhy. Meeting within round table projects allows us discussing the demands of individual regions within the possibilities of České dráhy, the state of the infrastructure and plans of Správa železniční dopravní cesty for its modernisation. These regular discussions proved useful and I am pleased that they will continue next year as well. It is a good opportunity to evaluate the performance of common tasks, to clarify mutual approach of all partners and to plan together effectively further development of regional railway transport in the Czech Republic“, said Mr. Pavel Krtek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of České dráhy about the project’s development this year. 

This year, the topic of interregional and cross-border railway transport with use of experience from neighbouring countries was also added to the discussion. Each year of the project is being closed by a conference of experts, the whole project will be finalised by a large international conference which should summarise all acquired knowledge. ”Next year we will return to the regions to review all existing results of the project with their new political representatives based on regional elections and we want to know their plans for regional transport“, closes Mr. Surý.


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