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Live Infrastructure transfer has been finalized

Prague, 31 August 2011 – Contracts confirming the transfer of 9,480 employees from Czech Railways to the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) were signed today at the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. This act was the final step in transferring the so-called  ”live infrastructure”. It is a continuation of the Czech railway transformation process which has started in 2002 already.
The employees’ transfer as such which was being approved by the Government of the Czech Republic as well and which implements requirements of EU legislation was preceded by long and delicate negotiations with railway trade unions. Among others the negotiations had as objective an integration of employees’ benefits. These agreements resulted in a Memorandum which was signed on 3 August 2011 by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Czech Railways, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) and trade unions functioning on the railway. The Memorandum on the “Live Infrastructure” transfer has been signed by nine out of ten trade union organizations functioning on the railway. Only the Service and Transport Employees’ Trade Union  (SOSaD) did not sign the Memorandum.
As the Minister of Transport Mgr. Pavel Dobeš stated today:” Realizing the Live infrastructure transfer is the first step to finalize transformation of the Czech railway. The transport operator will be definitely separated from the rail operator such as required by the European Union as well. I am very pleased that the Memorandum has been signed by 90% of all railway trade unions. I sincerely hope in a communication improvement among all entities concerned which will bring a quick improvement of the current situation on the Czech railway. “
In words of art, “Live Infrastructure transfer” means transferring all activities of rail servicing. This transfer will bring a unification of all activities being part of rail operation in one single entity which is the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) as rail operator. Rail operation comprises three important areas of activity: providing required conditions for the rail (maintenance, repairs, investments), organization of rail transport (timetable creation, dispatching control) and rail servicing (operation control).
The transfer of rail servicing (live infrastructure) is a positive step of the development of the railway in the Czech Republic. Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, Executive Director of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, summarized the main assets of the live infrastructure transfer as follows:”The first important asset is creating a competitive and transparent milieu on the railway of the Czech Republic because activities of the rail operator will be unambiguously separated from the transport operator’s activities. The second asset consists in my opinion in using synergic effects within rail operation, i.e. between maintenance and operation control, consisting e.g. in simplifying administration and management processes and streamlining activities e.g. during the winter period or at various extraordinary occasions. The third incontestable advantage is direct control of financial costs for rail servicing with the objective of reducing them “.
As of 31 August 2011 the Railway Infrastructure Administration had 8.561 employees in total, since 1 September 2011 it has 18.041 employees.

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