Travelling from Brno in the northerly direction will be more comfortable thanks to modernization


Modernization of the track section between Brno-Maloměřice and Brno-Židenice was inaugurated today by Railway Infrastructure Administration as an investor of the project. The main benefit of this project will be in particular increased speed limit and higher comfort and safety of passengers.




Modernization of the section which is part of rail tracks Brno – Česká Třebová and Brno – Havlíčkův Brod includes redevelopment of the track structure and substructure, modernization of the supply and traction mains, development of noise barriers, redevelopment of bridge structures and a gutter bridge, and cancellation of the pedestrian subway in Brno-Maloměřice station.

“In the Brnos railway junction, several track sections will undergo modernization, not only between Židenice and Maloměřice but also from Modřice to Horní Heršpice. One of the greatest benefits of the reconstruction will be essential reduction of travelling times appreciated certainly by passengers. Upon completion of the project, the speed limit in Česká Třebová direction will be 115 kilometres per hour, and 90 to 110 kilometres per hour in the Havlíčkův Brod direction,” advised Pavel Surý, the Director General of RIA.

Part of the development on a three-kilometre long railway would be also strengthened safety features. Both, the interlocking and communication equipment will be modernized on the track and the Brno-Židenice branch line.

Total cost of the project called Modernization of the track section Brno Maloměřice (except) – Brno Židenice (except) is CZK 745,265,874 without VAT. The Investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Within the Operational Program Transport, the project is proposed for co-financing by the European Union, and the planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund represents up to CZK 580,076,176. The national financing of the project is provided by the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. Final completion of works is planned for December 2015.

Project title Modernization of the track section Brno Maloměřice (except) – Brno Židenice (except)
Project Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization

Ridera Stavební a.s.


Železničné Stavby, a.s. Košice
Commencement date 02/2015
Completion date 12/2015
Total project cost CZK 745,265,874 without VAT
EU contribution planned CZK 580,076,176


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