Exceptional timetable change as of 13 April 2015


Prague, 8 April 2015 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared an exceptional passenger timetable change as of Monday, 13 April 2015. Changes in train running concern more than twenty railway lines based on requests from carriers and regions and in some cases also related to the launch of long-term closures’ stages.

In this connection, the following important changes in long-distance transport occur:

  • Trains No 351, 353, 355, 357 on the line 180 stop newly for passengers at Plzeň-Jižní Předměstí Station where the locomotive is being exchanged, therefore they arrive to Plzeň Main Station approximately 10 minutes later
  • Trains No 404, 405 Moscow – Prague – Moscow run on fewer days than before, the direct sleeping coach Moscow – Karlovy Vary – Moscow is cancelled
  • Passengers are newly allowed to board the train No 444 je at Bohumín Station and Olomouc Main Station and the train No 445 at Olomouc Main Station
  • Trains No 766/767 end their running permanently at Prague Main Station; in the line section Pardubice – Prague Main Station – Pardubice Main Station they are replaced by trains No 898/899
  • The train No 879 newly does not stop at Prague-Libeň Station
  • On the line 120, all fast and through trains stop at Prague-Veleslavín Station as of 6 April, 3.00 PM in connection to operation start of the extended Prague underground “A” line
  • Some changes for other trains occur in services provided by the carrier and in tariff exceptions – details can be found on the website of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

Some other up-to-date passenger regional timetable modifications were made based on requests from the carrier Czech Railways (ČD) and respective regions, especially the following:

  • In Pardubice Region on the line 019, the train No 12700 newly stops at Třebovice v Čechách Station
  • In Ústí and Labem Region on the line 083, changes in minutes’ range occurred as well as changes of stops on the territory of Germany
  • In South Bohemia Region on the line 199, the train No 2149 newly ends its running at České Velenice Station; on the line 220, time positions of trains No 8266 and 8279 are partially shifted in the line section Tábor – Střezimíř
  • In Moravia-Silesia Region, substantial changes occur on the line 270 in connection to operation start at Mošnov Airport where trains will simultaneously ensure transport of employees into the newly arisen industrial zone (concerns trains No 2925, 2938, 2943, 2945, 3309, 3344, 3367). On the line 320, time position of trains No 2972, 2974 is slightly shifted (in range of minutes) for a better change connection at Český Těšín Station; on the line 323, days of running are modified for the train No 3142 in the section Frenštát pod Radhoštěm – Frenštát pod Radhoštěm město
  • In Olomouc Region on the line 290, time positions of trains No 13740 and 3649 are shifted in connection to a request for transport from workplaces from Uničov Station after the afternoon shift
  • In Zlín Region, partial time shifts occur on the line 283 for the train No 23224 and on the line 341 for the train No 4380 to assure connection to bus transport. Another change occurs on the line 341 where time positions of trains No 4301 and 14303 as well the train No 1720 are being shifted to ensure sooner arrival of spa employees to Luhačovice.

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